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You use I Ching because you want to know something you don't know, but you seem don't trust it, WHY?

Lately, I have seen a post on social media that posted something like this.

" If you were feeling ill and did an I Ching casting, and it told you that you would be fine, would you still go to the doctor? "

This question has intrigued me that how people look at this I Ching. From many comments, I see that people don't seem fully trusted with I Ching. Can we say that this is a failure to the I Ching? Or perhaps I shouldn't say "don't trust", maybe I should say that people don't really fully understand about I Ching yet? Well, I don't mean to be offensive, but at least in the East, if we go to a real professional I Ching diviner, (which I mean using either WWG or plum blossom or Qimen (Yes, Qimen is also one of the I Ching division), but absolutely not ZhouYi Text) I mean not those amateurs. They are real professional that been gone through a systematic learning approach. They won't tell you that "you will be fine" by unable to hit to the point. Instead, they will tell you why is happening and what will be happening. Keep reading until the very end, I will show you what I mean here.

That is what happens if we use the text method. Too often, the outcome or the answer is very ambiguous. One can always say it is accurate or inaccurate. One can also always say that "I always got what I want". But how "deep" have you got? I have spoken to many people regarding this, but seems like no one can provide a satisfying answer explaining to what is a "deep" really means. You can see people will speak out a full of "logical theory" trying to convince you (or actually, perhaps convincing their own). But a simple question like I just quoted above, people still finding uneasy for not going to consult a doctor. That is the "deep" that I mean. If you still don't get me, keep reading.

Text method has its good side, but we got to understand its downside. One of the limitations of I Ching text is it doesn't come with a rigorous definition of everything. Put it this way, If a person learn I Ching, he or she should understand what is 象 or xiàng or "Image" in English. You see, Bagua is images, Si-Xiang also images, 64 hexagrams also other images. Well, if a person really understands I Ching, he or she should understand very very well about images as well. What I wanted to tell you is, Images of Bagua consist of the whole universe, and images of 64 hexagrams also consist of the damn whole universe. If you already understand what does it means here, it means you understand well about images. If you don't then let me explain it again.

Now, Assume that a total of 800 images inside a house, and all are in a Bagua (eight trigrams). So each trigram will be representing 100 items. Same scenario, now 800 items in 64 hexagrams, each hexagram will be representing 12.5 items. So, did you see what am I saying now? It means if we use a rough calculation, we can "guess" things accurately with 1/8 of chances. If we use more precise calculation, we only able to "guess" them accurately with 1/64, which is lower accuracy rate but higher precision rate. Comparing to both, do you think to guess a thing that inclusive of 100 items is always easier for accuracy? or with just 12.5 items included will be much easier? So what does it means again? It means if we use some prediction method that is very very rough. Since it is already including so many things inside, of course, that prediction will be always accurate. That is why some people will say that "I always get the answer I want".

When someone says...

But theirs I Ching always says...

This is a damn bloody simple calculation. For instance, I predict that I will be going to buy my food for cooking in this year. Of course, this will be accurate. Because the calculation is very rough. That is why many people that using I Ching, when things come to very critical states to make a decision. They still tend to use their common sense, I Ching is then becoming their reference or a no value reference. That is because subconsciously, they know that I Ching are not really that "accurate". That is the limitation of any text method. Text method is not designed to be "accurate", text method has some other thing to do. But too often, people think that they are getting an "accurate" answer.

So, this is again the answer...

You will find one thing very interesting. People who use I Ching always taking guess. Their life seems full of "guessing". Just like today topic, even I Ching says "fine" and people do really believe it. But people don't get the "deeper" side of the "fine". Meaning to say, people will start to guess, maybe the "fine" means I need to go see doctor, then I will be fine. Or maybe the "fine" means I need to take some medicine, therefore I need to see a doctor. Then after a person see a doctor and get healed. Voila, I Ching are so accurate!

Hey, people! if we read hexagram like this. Of course it will be always accurate. That is why a genuine I Ching, it doesn't matter what division of divination or destiny reading method we are using. A genuine reader doesn't take any lucky guess. We also need to understand that when we read something in a wide-angle, it is definitely always accurate. With the framework of the text, it is very easy for a person trying to make the I Ching fits whatever situation. But is this considered as cheating or system abusing?

Mate, try to shot this red bull-eye at below now. Which one is much easier to shot at the target? Left board or the right board? Now, do you understand why I Ching text always "accurate"? Now, do you understand why only a precision method is making more sense to a person destiny? Once a person really master the "I Ching", life is for sure rest assured, no more guessing.

Maybe we should consider something like below case study as a qualified I Ching to really provide us with a "deep" messages.

Question: Will my hay-fever able to heal?

Setting: self-Mr A; Object-Doctor X; Officer-Allergic rhinitis


1. Offspring-wu-fire restricted on officer-line. Officer-Shen continuous generates asset as returning-generation

➡️ The treatment is not really effective, it comes back on and off.

2. Self-holding officer-line

➡️ This is a very difficult treatment sickness. Basically, you have to live together with this sickness.

3. Offspring-holding tiger and blade and restricted to self-line

➡️ The prescription has to be the heaviest dosage, or else, hay-fever will never be feel release. However, a heavy dosage will hurt your body and organ. And still, it won't be cured for long-run (as reason 1).

4. Offspring-line entering into object-grave. Object-line holding Asset-Xu generates officer-line

➡️ The doctor will not give you a heavy dosage of prescription, and he can't treat away from your hay-fever. In fact, he is letting your hay-fever become more serious.

5. Self-holding officer-serpent. Officer-shen clash with hidden-hexagram.

➡️ Besides medical treatment, you need to go for daily physical sports and also, feng-shui your house. From the hexagram, The energy or the environment in your house doesn't contribute to your hay-fever, but if you Feng shui your house, it will help.

Now, you see. Then this guy knows what is exactly the problem. Now he needs to solve all this one by one. Change another doctor, try to get heavy dosage, do more exercise and do something with his house (Feng shui need to re-cast to see what is exactly the problem)

If anyone thinks that the above is not enough. Well, I have another casting method which is called play-card I Ching. I can see deeper from this playing card I Ching that which part of my internal body has something specifically wrong. From the below "human-array", I can know that it is telling large intestine and right hand will be getting a sickness. (of course it has a lot more detail part explanation from this "human-array", such as cancer? physically hurt? or normal sickness, and many more, but that is not the topic here). If needed, I can put in an index or weight to check how severity is the sickness. (something like an ordinary medical report that showing your health index) Don't doubt with what I said, this is also from I Ching, but it is an I Ching that no one can find in the public, which the below "human-array" can also turn into the six-line hexagram "chart" that we also see.

Now, This is so-called a true diagnose through I Ching. Accurate and precise. No guessing, no feeling, no ambiguous thing.

Check again on the next case studies to see how to properly use I Ching in medical.

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Nicholas Kris
Nicholas Kris
Mar 03, 2021

Wow cool... Play card I Ching... I am waiting for this..


A.K Guru
A.K Guru
Jun 05, 2020

If a so-called professional is unable to make it 90% and above. Frankly speaking, that is not a genuine professional. Again, I don't mean to be offensive, but in the East, many genuine professional can maintain at least 95% and above. And I have seen many able to do it 100% (excluding me and my students)

Well, at least my beginner students already can have 80% and above, and they know nothing about WWG or I Ching before attending class. They are not really a professional diviner yet. Some talented students can even handle 90% or 95% and above. All of them are still learning and only students. When they practice a lot, they will slowly increase to 96%, 97%,…


A.K Guru
A.K Guru
Jun 05, 2020

Hi Jose,

Thanks for commenting! But sorry, NO OFFENCE, it seems like something not that accurate is happening. WWG is a system with a full set of rigorous logical thinking. It has very scientifically logical thinking involved. It is difficult to be scientifically explanation because of the quantum, even modern scientist still fumble on quantum. Anyway, the reason for "not scientifically" doesn't means need to take guessing. As I said, people often have a misconception that fortune-telling needs to take guessing. This is a very serious misunderstanding.

if we learn with intuitive, then WWG or Qimen kind of divination will never be properly passing down the skill. A scientifically and systematic system has to be able to pass down the…


Jose C.
Jose C.
Jun 04, 2020

P. D. Six animals the same, it has many possible associations. Some rules are different or vary from one sect to another, which also biases the way of interpreting. Out there I read that no professional fortune teller could even assure you 80% accuracy.


Jose C.
Jose C.
Jun 04, 2020

I think that the interpretation in the WWG method is also open to interpretation where intuition comes into play. Often an interpretation is made based on the mental frame of the one who consults and interprets. If the one who does the casting is different from the one who interprets, there may also be a bias. For example the six relatives have many meanings, the changes of lines also give rise to what they can mean. Choosing one or the other yong shen is also open to choice. If we use mei hua, the trigrams also have infinite symbology and associations. I do not believe that an oracle can appropriate an infallible and unequivocal category of science. We often make approxim…

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