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6 Big No-No for a Feng Shui Fish Tank

Many people like to get a fish tank especially comes to Feng Shui. But most of the people don't understand a bad fishbowl will bring a bad Feng Shui into your lovely house. Therefore, after the fish tank is bought home, you need to place it in the correct position for a better fortune or whatever luck you need. Let's take a look at the Feng Shui no-no of the fish tank.

❌ 1️⃣ Oversize Fish Tank

Water is something quite important in the perspective of Feng Shui. If the water in the tank is too much or too deep is definitely not something you want it. It will also be a bad fish tank if the height of the fish tank is higher than a normal adult. Therefore, the fish tank in the living room should not be too large or too high. A large fish tank is inappropriate especially for a small area.

❌ 2️⃣ Fish Tank shouldn't place in an auspicious direction

It is barely to get a perfect house in a Feng Shui perspective. There is always some harming field that appears surrounding your house. Using a fish tank is somehow a smart way to resolve the bad Feng Shui.

In Feng Shui, there is a saying that “water is transferred into the zero hall”. The so-called “zero hall” refers to a place where it declines of the loss of bad luck. It means that the water is introduced into the position of misfortune, and it can be turned into a good luck from a disaster. Therefore, the fish tank should be placed in the inauspicious area.

The auspicious or inauspicious area of the house is based on the sitting direction of a house. A house facing the West and another that facing to the East has different auspicious direction.

Generally, a house with the facing direction of West, South, North or North-West. The fish tank shouldn't placed it in the East, South-East, North, and South.

While a house with the facing direction of North-East, South-East, East. The fish tank shouldn't placed it in the West, South-West, North-West and North-East.

❌ 3️⃣ Fish Tank & the Kitchen

The fish tank is full of water while the stove in the kitchen is a place of fire. Because the "water" and the "fire" form a clash situation in the theory of 5-elements. This situation will reflect on a health problem to the family member.

Many often say that the person who often does the cooking will get hurts at the end. because the Water will clash on the Fire naturally. But this is something not true. The clash will hurt both parties. Imagine you in a car accident. A truck crash with a sedan. Will the truck get zero hurts? Every clash involve hurts in both. no one will be get exempted. That is the real clash means.

At this stage, the intensity between the Fire and the Water is now becoming the results of which will be eventually gets hurt more. I.e, it has to compare energy. Therefore, it is not advisable to design the fish tank facing straight to the kitchen, especially to the cooking stove. Also, avoid direct facing with the altar is something you should look for as well.

❌ 4️⃣ Fish Tank behind the Sofa

From Feng Shui perspective. it is inappropriate to use water as a back up that behind you. This is because Water is something not in a stable form and therefore, as our back need to have strong support in order to perform an everyday task. It is not good to have something not stable enough as a supporting frame.

Placed a fish tank behind the sofa may some times look great. But if you constantly sit on that sofa. It will be making your life become supportless. It may also create a lot of backstabbers.

❌ 5️⃣ Fish Tank not suppose to place in the Wealth position.

Just as the Feng Shui saying goes, "Treasure has to be in the Wealth position." Therefore, you can get the three gods of fortune prosperity and longevity (Fu Lushou福祿壽)to be placed in the wealth position. But not above a fish tank. This is a big no-no as many tend to think that Water is related to wealth. and placing the Fu Lushou on top of the tank could engage more wealth. The reason is as I had mentioned above, water shall be on somewhere inauspicious area. Water is to hold down the harming field. Place a lucky and wealth items on a bad Feng Shui area will make your money broke quicker.

❌6️⃣ How Many Fish in the Tank?

Many may wonder that the unit and the colour of the fish may affect wealth. according to my statistics. the unit seems a little bit insignificant to affect the outcome. However, there are still some cases shown affect to the Feng Shui.

Generally (without a proper verification), we could get the fishes according to the River Scheme of Chinese Astrology System. 1-6 to Water, 2-7 to Fire, 3-8 to Wood, 4-9 to Metal, 5-0 to Earth. Therefore, what you need to do is to find out your life hexagram and match with the River Scheme,

For instance, If your Life Hexagram belongs to Fire, then you need to get your self 2 or 7 fishes. If you want more than that, you could get 12 or 17 fishes and so on.

The above method apply on a very general rules. Use it with your own risk. Frankly speaking, no one can provide a 100% that guarantee for a workable method without a verification tool.

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