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Accurate? So what?

I saw a post shared on Facebook that is actually mirroring how people read on hexagrams and how they make decisions. It shows a contrast between rich and poor. The content is somewhat as follows.

People with $50 million sit in the bank play games at home

- Know how to relax, no other bad habits, a good man

While people with just $5,000 play games at home

- not enterprising, trash, childish, only know how to play.

When $50 million people read a book.

-Improve themselves, literate, successful people

$5,000 read a book

- blindly believe everything written in books.

When rich talks about national current affairs

- Care about everything, knowledgeable, strategist.

When poor discuss national current affairs

- None of your business, they know nothing about national affairs.

When the rich hang out with old mates

- Actively expand the network, nostalgic, and never forget your roots

When the poor associate with old mates

- They have nothing to do, gossip, probably want to borrow money from someone

When the $50 million pays attention to appearance

- The manner of a gentleman, the appearance of a gentleman

When the $5,000 account holder pay attention to appearance

- It is useless to look good on appearance!

When the rich persuades people to cherish their time.

-listening to their words is better than reading ten years of books.

When the poor try to persuade people to cherish their time.

- Nosy, nonsense

When the rich shares quotes on Facebook

- That is how the rich people think, love to share, full of positive energy

When quotes share on Facebook is by the poor.

-Copy and plagiarize, can't have independent thinking

See the big difference?

The problem here is not actually about the money, but the preconceptions of bystanders.

Before we read on any hexagram, do we really understand where is the point of view we started from? Reading hexagram subjectively will not give any good outcome on the end results. The end result I mean here is not the accuracy of the reading. But the objective that the asker is looking for. Why do reading hexagrams fail? Especially WWG? Why does reading on an accurate hexagram doesn't really help in real life?

Not only this problem, the people nowadays love to choose to enrol many courses or taking any decision that is base on the reputation build by others. But have we really thought about, is the reputation built was from truth skills? They may be knowing better than us in some fields, but are they really understand the truthness? Knowing more than us does not mean they have true skills. Have you ever thought about this question before? Anything can be built, fake or real. It does not matter. What matters is, you have been cheated without consciously and you are still thankful to them. And in the end, when you think back. You understand you have wasted your time and money on those useless resources.

That is why effective divination is a must-learn subject in every person's life.

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