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Q: Can I make a second (or more) casting with the exact same question?

Of course, you can (but there is a catch). Normally, if the first hexagram is already giving the answer very directly and nothing remain unclear. Then the second cast is not necessary. Meaning to say, if your questions seem not "answerable" or you are still in doubt about the clear answer. Then you may proceed for a second casting with the exact same question. If the same question is still not clear after the second casting, you can then proceed with the third casting. However, it is not advisable to do so; as the third hexagram often appears to be giving an explanation from another view. Which means if your deciphering skill is not strong enough, you wouldn't understand where you should read the third casting from.

For example, if says you ask how does this meat taste like. At first, I tell you it tastes very near like the kangaroo meat and but the texture is like fish meat. But you have no idea how does kangaroo meat taste like. Then you may ask (cast) again. This time, I am going to tell you it tastes gamey and very strong in flavour, also in a very soft texture. But again, you don't quite get me. Then you ask (cast) me again. At this time, I probably will explain in another view. For example, It takes 20 hours of slow-cook in order to get the meat tender enough. And then, once you use a foil to wrap it up and then grill it. You will taste it something like beef. So, you see, I am using another view to explain how does it taste like. But how do you know I am using a cooking method to explain the taste on the third casting? Guessing?

After you have done re-cast. You still need to refer to the first hexagram as the main reading. Unless the first hexagram is a chaotic hexagram.

Let me show you with below case studies (provide from one of my students).

This ask, should I continue this business?

Setting: Asset-profit, Sibling-operating expense

This hexagram has a lot of moving-lines (including those that are hidden moving-lines). As this article is intended to explain on re-casting. Therefore, I will not put in too much time explaining how I read this hexagram. In short, this hexagram is the first casting and it means still profitable, but not in long run.

As this hexagram has too much to tell, it goes with second casting and below is the second hexagram.

In this hexagram, we can see that it is a FuYin in upper-trigram and sibling is turning advance. (you might need to watch my YouTube if you don't understand these terms). Overall, it means still profitable but profit will be reduced in the future.

This hexagram has re-cast for the third time (with the exact same question) and he got this.

This hexagram shows a much "cleaner" explanation, and the outcome is still the same as the previous 2 hexagrams.

So, you can see that these three hexagrams are still giving the same answer even though it appears to be having 3 different kinds of hexagrams. How can I read 3 different kinds of hexagrams with the same answer? That is why you need to learn the hexagram type. Anyway, re-cast is only allowed under some conditions.

Read this article too, to see a case study talking about the same answer from a re-casting.



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