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Q: What if one of the coins drop on the floor during the casting?

This is also one of the common questions during a casting. It is still considered lucky if it drops on open space, as you still could see the sides of the coins. But sometimes, the coins may drop under the seats, under the tables, or it just falls under your pencil case. Different people advocate on different ways to handle it. But none of them tells why. Some people say you MUST re-cast, while some others say you MUST NOT re-cast; if you could find them back. But when you ask them why? they can't really be telling the reasons.

To solve this, it depends on your thought. Meaning to say, you may re-cast or you may choose not to re-cast. (always remember the key, divination meant to be flexible, as long as you stay inside the principles.)

So, if a person feels uncomfortable to continue the casting. Then just re-cast. Why make your ownself falling into a difficult situation? When one does a hexagram reading. Having a doubtful mind to a hexagram simply means that one is not sure about the hexagram. Therefore, re-cast, if that is the case. But if you think the dropping coins could still mean something to you. Then you can of course, keep continuing with the casting.

Now, what about if you see a coin that is leaning on something and the coin is in a standing up position. Again, it depends on your thought. However, all of these thoughts needed to be maintain a consistency way. I mean you can't say that this time you going to take the reading and next time you not going to take the reading. It is the same theory with selecting the yin and yang sides of the coins.

No matter which way you choose to go. In the end, you need to able to understand how to differentiate a chaotic hexagram. If you are unable to differentiate a chaotic hexagram, all of the above action is still a waste of effort.

Anyway, not every person understands what is a chaotic hexagram and able to recognise a chaotic hexagram (this concept has already been explained in another article). So, in order to minimise this thing to happen. Simply place a clean cloth (a little bit thick) at the area you going to toss the coins, or alternative, prepare a big bowl. Maybe you also need to look at your sitting position and your hand position and make sure it is in coordination.

Something not sure and wanted to ask? Comment down below and ask me now.

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