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Diviner has no super power.

It has been quite some times I never write any articles. Busying with publishing my new Wen Wang Gua book and answering clients questions. Now the book has released and you can learn some concept of WWG by purchasing this book. I will write another article to walk you around with the book. The purchase link is over here. (← click it)

Today I am going to write an article about "diviners are also ordinary human that posts no superpower". Often, I always heard people who are sceptical about divination (even those that are work in Feng Shui). And they like to challenge diviners because diviners always able to tell anything. For example, people like to question diviners like this. If a diviner can really tell everything, why there is no any single diviner is able to tell the Covid before its arriving. Some of my clients who trust me so much also ask me this before.

Actually, in some cases. The hexagram did tell that us that there is Covid coming. But the difficult part here is. We are all just human, and we never learn Covid before. Therefore, how could us able to read from the hexagram that it is Covid. Put it this way. You have a 5 years old son. He always asks you questions because you know things lots more than him. Therefore, you definitely able to tell him the answers. But have your son asked you something that is out of your imagination before? And you have no idea how to answer him as you don't know what is the answers. This is the same situation for every diviner to make a hexagram reading. Being able to read the hexagrams precisely depends on the diviners' scope of knowledge. Like this Covid virus. None of the humans in this world see this thing before. And since we have never seen it before. Covid is already something out of any person imagination. And since it is out of our imagination. How could we able to tell it is a Covid? The most we can do is understand it might be a pandemic. But it is impossible to understand it is Covid. Further reading here...

Let me show you a few cases from my depository. All the below is asking about coming year business income. (M.E-asset-line, Object-line as company)

This owner will start to losing money from a big event (sibling at line 5 is hidden moving) and the company suffering from getting customers (parent in a hidden move). Will taking defensive strategy because the owner is not allowed to be in aggressive for his business (officer-line in returning-generation)

Same questions similar setting

This business owner is making good money before coming to me (self-line and object-line holding asset-line), but income becomes stagnant (upper trigram as fuyin). And his company will be winding up. (object-line turning into parent-line that is in +8°).

Another same question and similar setting.

The company will be losing money and also changing its strategy to become more defensive. (object-line in a negative position and the officer-line is turning advance)

So, all the above and other cases (that sit in my depository) is telling me that the travelling industry will be facing a huge challenge. And it has an impact worldwide. Why are all these happening at the same time? I cannot tell because I am just an ordinary human. Just that the nature of my business is predicting the future, doesn't mean that my job must be handle by someone who has supernatural power. I can predict the future because I understand the principles of Yi. It is not because I am being possessed.

Let me show you 2 more case studies on how I confirm this with the mighty gua-shen. I ask did gua-shen know that there is Covid before the year 2017. (I want to know if gua-shen knew this 2 years before).

Setting: object-line as gua-shen, self-line as me.

Gua-shen knew it since 2017 (day-branch officer-line entering into hexagram at line 5 transformed-line. And it is connecting with the object-line). So, it means the pandemic already something will be happening. That is why gua-shen knew it. This will be a pandemic (officer-line appear 4 times in hexagram). Gua-shen did tell me this but I cannot get the message. (object-line entering into the self-line and cage by the self-line). However, gua-shen did consider this factor into the hexagram during the consultation sessions with my clients (self-asset)

Another case,

Same question similar setting

It again shows gua-shen already know (object-line holding officer-line), but for this specific client, gua-shen did not put in this factor during the coaching program between me and my client. (static-hexagram) - This specific client still doing very great right now. I think this is the reason it is not necessary to put in this factor during the coaching program.

From all of these, we can see that the hexagrams we cast are already include the impact from the Covid. And gua-shen did "try" to tell me. But I cannot get the message because I never thought about this before. What I can see is there is something big is happening and it has a huge impact on travelling industry all around the world. Many hexagrams are telling me something happening in the year 2020. This is the maximum I can tell. Simply I am an ordinary human. I think it is shame that too many people out there giving too much flattery to divination and overstate the function of divination. People trying to make divination something very mysterious. As if someone who knows how to divine is someone that holding a superpower.

So please, don't ask this kind of questions again. And divination is just an ordinary job that can be handle by any human.

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Nicholas Kris
Nicholas Kris
14. Apr. 2021

To err is humanly German sayings. Well, what we can do is for do our best with the best tools at hand now.. Hopefully the countries' ban of covid will get taken quickly

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