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What is a hexagram type?

This word, hexagram type, always confusing people. Many thought that it means one of the 64 hexagrams. In the common understanding, or from the scattered articles. It always mentioning only to 64 hexagrams. It doesn't even appear to be having 65th hexagram. In fact, it is not one of the 64 hexagrams; but it is about billions of hexagrams.

When we learn I Ching, we understand we need to learn the 64 hexagrams. But this is yet to include the changing and transformed. When it includes changing and transformed, it is no more only 64 hexagrams (speaking of which, please take note that changing-line (變爻 biàn yáo) and transformed-line (化爻huà yáo) are often mentioning interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. I'll explain this in the future).

When we talk about 卦 (guà), we know it is from non-being to trigram, and from trigram to hexagram. It always evolving within yin and yang. That is why when we are learning prediction, (whether it is for fortune-telling or divination) we have to learn the pattern of this evolving; because this evolving is telling us how things flow in the future (or in the past). That tells that understanding the 64 hexagrams is something very essential (but this doesn't mean that we have to understand all the commentaries in order to read for divination). Anyway, using only the 64 hexagrams to explain every single event in reality. This is something too plain, as it has to include many things; Thus, making the predictions become vague. So what is these explanation going to do with the "hexagram type"? You can see the hexagram type as the "images" that is going to reflect your answers/questions.

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For example, when I ask you. How is my surgery going to be, will I be safe? How do you see from the hexagram that it is going to answer this to you?

I mean what kind of hexagram shows a surgery is going to be safe?

- what kind of hexagram shows you the surgery will not be success, but you still safe?

- What kind of hexagram shows you that the surgeon is not favourable to you, but everything else is still considered ideal?

- what kind of hexagram shows you that the surgery needs 3 times to get it successfully removal of the tumour?

- What kind of hexagram shows you that it needs "3 times"?

- What kind of hexagram shows...

- Infinite of "what kind of"...

All of these only can be answerable if you understand what is hexagram type. When we read any hexagram, it doesn't matter it is ZhouYi, plum blossom oracle, or WWG, it is absolutely not allowed to take any guessing from a hexagram. All of these answers must be already understood before we throw the coins. If we don't understand what kind of "hexagram type" means to any of the particular events/answers. It means after tossing the coins, we will still not be able to read the hexagram accurately. It is meaningless to flip from a book and using intuition to read an answer, because nearly all of the cases, the ordinary way of using the text method has been over expectation. It is like you are driving a Honda, but you thought that (by having a misconception) it could be having the power like McLaren. You have to understand the limitation of every divination tools, no tool is invincible.

You see, from what we understand with I Ching text; 64 hexagrams with a single transformation will make an event able to explain with 384 possibilities. Therefore, the maximum of a transformation from the 64 hexagrams will be having 4096 possibilities. The forest of changes (焦氏易林 jiāo shì yì lín) is a book that talks about these 4096 of transformation. This means the maximum of changes to reflect from the reality will be all squeeze into these 4096 of transformation. Now, in order to precisely understand what is the surgery answer as mentioned, we need to first understand how much precise we wanted to get. (remember, the more details you have, the easier and the better you could make changes on your destiny). So, instead of 4096 possibilities. What about we expand it more from there?

This time, we will need to talk about WWG. WWG is a prophecy system that would expand the 4096 transformations into something very large. Let's do some simple math now.

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a hexagram formed with six lines. Each line formed with yin and yang. Therefore, 2^6 = 64 kinds of transformation (i.e. the basic 64 hexagrams).

  1. when every single line from the 64 hexagram get transformation, it will be 64x64 = 4096

  2. In WWG, we use month-branch, 4096 x 12 = 49152

  3. we also use day pillar, which includes 10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches, this will be 49152 * 720 = 35,389,440

  4. In some cases, we will be using hour-branch and yearly-branch, (12 x 12) x 35,389,440 = 5,096,079,360

  5. Add in the six-kins and self-object = 7 x 5,096,079,360 = 35,672,555,520

  6. Add in the five-elements cycle = 5 x 35,672,555,520 = 178,362,770,600

  7. Add in the matter-element cycle...

  8. Add in the...

There are still many transformation structures that I haven't add into this calculation yet. But the combination is already 170 billion. If I keep on combine some of our school unique divine-method. It would become (uncountable) of combinations. And it still not ended yet.

So, now. Please tell me, how would a hexagram reading become accurate if we wanted to guess from 170 billion possibilities. And how are we going to learn this 170 billion combination in order to make an accurate prediction?

So, at this point. Learning and understand the hexagram type is the only way. Hexagram type is a set of logical principles that we need to use in every single casting. It simplified these uncountable possibilities into just a few "type" and then we apply these few "type" into the billions of hexagram. So, before we use a hexagram to make divination (i.e. the moment start shaking the coins), we need to set the hexagram type properly. It is all the important theories, or techniques, or principles that we need to learn before declare oneself is really understanding I Ching. Because if one never understand the hexagram type, one will never be able to properly read a hexagram; A reading that definitely has some guess in it.

Only after we understand the hexagram type, your reading can be a lot making sense and accurate. I believe you could now understand why WWG can be predicted in detail and could provide remedies. It is not only fortune-telling but a truly divination tool. Again, 170 billion combinations are not the end of calculation yet.

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Rex Rioch
Rex Rioch
Jan 28, 2021

I like yr article, its aim, thought-flow, how-so, and progression. Not too sure what to make of yr tag-line, 'the man who designed yr future'.... hex 15.... suggestions, hey groovy! design for self, yeah... on the mastery path... for others tho? foresee issues with going near anyone else's mojo, could be wrong. their/each's free will/creativity/resourcefulness. As with yr prose, making public the methods raises awareness, confidence, willing, overcomes strangeness. 'personal trainer' parallel with the Yi King? stepping too close that tiger... one [them this case] must, nay, may cross the h2o, 'they' even can paddle! us, helping without doing works that success, no blame! 25+ yrs intensive for tens of thousands of readings, most on self, slowly made me the…

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