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Simple and easy way to look for your lost item

My wife is about to go for an appointment and she wasn't able to find the car key. The appointment time is about to reach and she needs to go. So, after a couple of minutes of failure in searching for the car key. She calls me to help to find the key. I asked her to ask "where the car key is?", and then give me three sets of numbers. So, she gave me the numbers 573, 689, 38. This works it out as heaven over wind as below.

This setting is asset line as the car key. (Be reminded that you need to do the setting, otherwise, you can also read from parent line, object line, etc.) The method to use for this is the GLDM. From this hexagram, the answer is pretty straightforward. The key is located in the walk-in robe, and it is covered by clothes. My wife walked into the room and within 5 seconds. She found the key. See, WWG is very easy. Get the numbers, read with the rules, and you get the answer. That is fascinating!! How can it be without WWG?

So, how do we read this? It's easy. Asset Line is hidden, showing an image that is obscured by something. What are the things that are covering up? Line Two is the dragon line, which means clothes. Wind trigram means walk-in robe. Combining all these images can tell where the key is.

Do we really need to use coins? Apparently, sometimes not! So, why do people still insist to use stalks that takes at least 20-30 minutes time of casting? Because stalks are the most original way to cast? Come on... Is not like that. I'll talk about this next time.

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