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I Ching - Career Development (KW Oracle #029)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 029: Using I Ching for career development

Ms Z having an offer from company XX, she wants to know how is the future with this company.

Question: How is my career development with company XX?

Setting: Self- Ms Z; Object-company XX; M.E-Asset, Officer


1. Line sixth parents-line transformed into retreat-spirit and clash to self-line

➡️ Ms Z not happy with the works (new company)

2. Object-line holding officer, entering into parent-grave, combine with transformed-line

➡️ Unable to have any promotion opportunities. (in this new company)

3. Asset-line holding travelling, entering parent-grave

➡️ Earning base from site visiting, unstable income

4. Asset and officer-line is weak (-6°, -2°)

➡️ Overall, Not an ideal company, no future.

Feedback and suggestion:

Ms Z chooses to turn down the offer and go for others.

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