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I Ching - Family Luck (WWG #037)

Case Study 037: I Ching to see how family luck is going to be.

Question: How is my family luck?

Setting: self-Mr A; Object-career; Second-line-family luck;


1. Line six Parent-Wei transformed into advance-spirit

➡️ It has a while with a bad family luck, this already making Mr A feeling uneasy.

2. Self-line on line two holding officer-bird with void condition

➡️ It has something happening with lawsuit, dispute, which is all a disaster

3. Object-holding sibling-You

➡️ Career unable to make any good earning, it may be providing a financial suffering

4. Line three asset-mao weak (month break, -6°) and transformed into sibling-shen (returning-restriction)

➡️ Current time, Now, started to lose money. Will not turn better even until next year.

5. Inner-trigram asset-line turns extinct.

➡️ Spouse also fall into a bad minor cycle year luck. (This will need to re-cast)

6. Self-holding officer-void and weak (-2°)

➡️ Mr A unable to cope with the current change.

Feedback and suggestion:

As predicted, Mr A recently fell into a bad family luck. The bad luck started with his wife as his wife was involved in a lawsuit case. In order to solve this matter, he has spend so much money and can't even concentrate on his career. And he can't cope with the change, everything is losing control.

This is a case needs level 4 skill to provide remedies. We can't just provide a prediction. A true WWG is not the only prediction. Many has misunderstood about the power of WWG.








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