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I Ching - Career Development (WWG #047)

Case Study 047: I Ching on career development

Question: How is my career development in this coming year?

Setting: self-Mr A; Object-Company; Officer-Career; Asset-Salary


1. Original hexagram as clash-hexagram

➡️ The career will be having an undulated changing.

2. Asset-Yin holding bird is hidden moving, line 5 in empty condition. But clash-hexagram again make all becoming moving-line, line 5 void-filled.

➡️ This year Shen-month, there will be an unexpected financial problem. It is caused by an argument or dispute. Will be affecting income and career.

3. Line one Zi-water is hidden moving.

➡️ After argument event on Shen month, this already leads to your resignation. The maximum you can stand after this argument event will be about 4 months time. Meaning that Zi-month will be definately the last month you can stand with your company situation. Then resignation will be served.

4. Line 5 sibling is fake-void.

➡️ Shen month is not 100% will be going to resign. There is still an uncertainty factor.

Feedback and suggestion:

Late Wei-month, (about to getting Shen-month) Mr A is having a very unhappy meeting with his employer. Shen-month, his boss asked him when he wanted to leave this company (with the way in making a joke). He leaves immediate on that day.

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