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I Ching - Business Profit (WWG #050)

Case Study 050: I Ching for precision prediction?

From Mr A BaZi, he is currently in a bad career and wealth luck-cycle. Thus, not really recommend to do any changes or investment at this moment. However, his BaZi shows that he will be having a new business opportunity in December. He not sure is this a real opportunity and he wants to verify it with WWG.

Question: Will this new development profitable? If yes, how much?

Setting: self-Mr A; Object-new development; ME-Asset-line; 5-element as (2°+30%)


1. Offspring-line combine with day-branch, generates to hidden-spirit.

➡️ The year 2019 will be generating profits, profit is 90% (error rate ±3%)

2. Line five sibling-Shen transformed into returning-generation

➡️ Price for 2015(current) until 2018 is not promising at that area. The price will rise up and started to turn good in the year 2019. However, The current profit for this on-sales project is already 50%.

3. Object-holding officer-wu

➡️ The overall structure of this project is acceptable by the market. So, don't worry about the value in the future.

4. Self-line parent-void turns offspring-void and void-filled for both

➡️ Mr A is currently not suitable to do any investment, easy to get into the wrong decision, once profit is gain will sell the house.

Feedback and suggestion:

Suggest holding for a longer period (more than 2019, need to recast to confirm the best timing).

Mr A put in the investment in early 2016 and gain about 90% in the year 2019. (can't provide an exact percentage for this case as Mr A never sell yet and still holding until the year 2020, but it is about 90% of profit with the asking value on last year.).

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