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I Ching - Wedding Date (WWG #051)

Case Study 051: I Ching for picking up a good date for a wedding

Normally, especially in the Chinese community, newly wed-couple will go for a date selection when they get married. Hopefully, they can get some auspicious Qi from the date to have a better marriage. In fact, a good date does provide some help to the event you wanted to do. I wrote "hopefully" is because most of the time, people don't really feel it a "good" or a "bad. They believe and what they can do is only "hopefully".

The things here is, not every date selected is an auspicious date. Anyway, there are different schools in the date selection method. And most of the time, the impact from a date selection is not easy to track, and sometimes some impacts have nothing to do with date selection. Since this might create some differing of opinions, So, I don't want to discuss much date selection here in this post.

When we choose a date for some event, we have to understand that not all date is really auspicious. In fact, the situation of helpless or destructive from a date selection does exist. That is why WWG is another very good reference tool for this subject. WWG can avoid many unnecessary controversies from different schools. The following are the hexagrams for verifying a date selection.

Question: Is this date (Dec 2014) providing auspicious Qi to our marriage?

Setting: self-bride; Object-groom; Moving as influences from the date


1. Officer-line turns into advance-spirit and generates to object-line

➡️ This selected date is good for the groom

2. moving-line doesn't affect to self-line; self and object in restriction-conjunction; self holding +8° and object only holding -8°; Chou-earth moves and hence act as traffic flow.

➡️ Not providing direct help to the bride, but between bride and groom has some negative Qi and this date selection has made it traffic flow. Which means an indirect help to the bride.

Feedback and suggestion:

This is still not a very perfect date.

Check another date and compare which is the best.

See next case study...

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