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I Ching - Wedding Date (WWG #052)

Case Study 052: I Ching for picking up a good date for a wedding

Using the same hexagram principle and hexagram type to cast on different but similar type of question. This is a multiple selection way. We could compare easily which one is the better choices.

Case continues from #51 (click this link to go back the previous case)

Question: Is this date (Jan 2015) providing auspicious Qi to our marriage?

Setting: self-bride; Object-groom; Moving as influences from the date


1. Officer-line moving and restricted to self-line and object-line, officer-line turn "returning-restriction"

➡️ There is a factor that was initially not auspicious but will be solved with this date selection.

2. Hidden-spirit hides under self-line able to fly-out and clash with object-line. No any valid restriction-spirit available in this hexagram

➡️ There is some other factor that is not auspicious to the groom and bride, this date selected cannot provide help in this.

Feedback and suggestion:

Comparing to previous hexagram (#51), this hexagram becomes not that ideal. Since we have multiple choices to select from. Suggest selecting the date from the previous hexagram.

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