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I Ching WWG - Pets in illness (WWG #054)


Case Study 054: Would my horse be able to get healed?

A week later after case53, it was check-out after the treatment from the animal hospital. Everything seems good until a few days later. The symptom came back and it again admits into the hospital. The vet said that everything still under control. But the owner still looking to see how is his health going to be.

Question: Would my horse able to get recovered?

Setting: self-horse, object-vet, officer-sickness, offspring-medicine, moving and transformed as an impact of the changed


1. Officer-line and asset-line turn into returning-restriction.

➡️ The horse can be recovered as the sickness and the root problem will be cured. Now, it needs time to get back to normal.

2. self-holding offspring with 0°

➡️ The horse itself is having a good immunisation even after the surgery (as what previous hexagram was shown). It will get recovered.

3. Officer-line turns into offspring-shen, and asset-line turns into sibling-xu. Sibling-Xu in void-filled.

➡️ Will be able to see the horse back to active in August and fully recovered after October.

4. Object-holding Officer-line and nobleman.

➡️ This vet is doing the job right. Don't worry about the doctor. But need to give him some time as this is not an easy job. He needs to diagnose for a few times in order to find out the best treatment.


Consume some kind of steroids and antibiotics to control the sickness being deterioration. Horsie is getting better day after day. Started from August, the follow-up consultation become lesser. And after September, the horse is obviously getting recovered. No more follow-up consultation after November.

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