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I Ching on Business Trend (KW Oracle #012)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 012: New Business Trend

Mr A has been done some research for a particular business for some times. He wants to know is this business possible to earn any good money?

Question: How is this future if I start up with business X?

Setting: Self-Mr A; Matter-element: wealth & offspring combo


1. Flying-spirit Parent-Hai generates to hidden-spirit Sibling-Yin. SIbling becomes legitimate dreadful-element. Parent-Hai then transformed into Offspring-Wu-fire.

➡️ Not the right timing at this moment. Good news is that need to wait until next year Yin-month. Then the trend will be started to be a bright future.

2. This is a triple continuous generating hexagram. (our school unique analysis method) Parent-Hai → Offspring-Wu → Officer-You → Wealth-Xu

➡️ Too much to explain and it needs long theory, I'll just skip it for this article purpose. In short, Three formations of business stars are appearing on the hexagram. A damn very bright business future. The turning point is next year Autumn.


Making a very good income as the trend are already there. During this period, Mr A constantly used WWG to find more details for his business. He ends up earning more than the initial divination report. He had twisted his opportunities become better. See... some times, creating opportunities is not that difficult.

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