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I Ching on Business (KW Oracle #011)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 011: New business evaluation

Mr A is looking forward to a new business. It is a partnership business.

Question: How is the future with the partnership Mr Z in fast food service?

Setting: Self-Mr A; Object- Mr B; Matter-element: Offspring & Wealth


1. Self-holding Offspring-Shen transformed into Wealth-Hai, peer with month branch.

➡️ A very good indication that Mr A is capable to generate income. He will lead the income part. Now is the good timing to start (not because of self-holding accurate position)

2. Object-holding Wealth-Zi

➡️ If your business partner also involved in the operation, it will be double up the income energy (not double up the amount figure)

3. Officer-Yin moving and transformed to FuYin that turns to clash to self-line

➡️ The location is not strategic enough. This is a sign of moving and changing, and will be too much time consuming that leads to exhausted. Means, location will be chase away from the owner. Suggest taking timing and labourist into consideration when choosing the location. Or straight away make another cast ask for "where is the best location?"

4. The dreadful-element does exist in this hexagram, it is Sibling-Chen that is empty currently.

➡️ Business will be good until April 2016. As cost will be increased after that.

5. Officer-Yin-wood on the second line will be restricted to Moving-Sibling-Chen. Parent-line is generated by Officer-line

➡️ From the surface, the operating cost is able to cut down. When timing arrives at Chen and Si month. The expenses will be getting greater.

6. Sibling-Chen moving and clash with SIbling-Xu.

➡️ This indicates another problem (readers please feel free to input some logical imagination here)

7. Second-line Officer-Yin holding Tortoise

➡️ Something fishy..... (readers please feel free to input some logical imagination here)


There are in fact many messages in this hexagram. The above concludes that the problem arises from the landlord and employee. All the main problem has been giving suggestion. Location can perform with another cast if wanted to maximise benefits (problem including landlord will be solved if location problem gets solved). (Expenses which is including employee can be also solved by further divination.) If not convenient to keep track of your business with make follow-up casting, then you will have to take extra caution as above. Good luck with your new business. Is a good startup before April 2016.


Business is good as expected, querent opts to maximise their benefits by performing follow-up casting.

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