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I Ching on Unexplained Energy (KW Oracle #014)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 014: Hiring a Taoist to treat unexplained energy

A continued case study from #13. Since Mr A think about looking from a Taoist for this unexplained energy. After a couple of days, he gives me the name of a Taoist and would like to check is the Taoist capable to handle his problem.

Question: Would Mr X (the Taoist) able to deal with the problem on my knee that caused by unexplained energy?

Setting: Self-Mr A; Object-Taoist; Officer-Bad energy; Offspring-healing


1. Object-holding-Officer, Self-holding-offspring

➡️ Apparently, Mr X not able to solve this matter. The method using is not right. From the self-line, we could see that the key solution is about on Mr A himself. But the things is, how Mr A his own is able to solve this? If Mr A his ownself able to solve this. The case study on #13 will not show it will be getting serious.

2. Wealth-Hai empty and is hidden moving

➡️ Undeniable, according to case study #13. Before Mr X, things will be going worse. However, once Mr X is hired for this treatment, the unexplained energy will be much "active" to attack. So, now what? Not getting Taoist, the problem will get worst, If we get a Taoist, the problem will rise up more serious. And the key solution is on Mr A.

3. Second-line Parent moving and turns into Sibling

➡️ This is the reason, the solution, and the outcome. Three layers of answer concentrated on this line. Did any readers realise that the case study #13 also a moving-line on line two? Let me reveal the answer from the previous case study. This will need help from the "Lord of Ground", known as TudiGong 土地公. (click link to see if you don't understand who is "Lord of Groud".) The moving-line also tells will be a positive outcome at the end.


Forget about hiring any Taoist and make another cast to verified if TudiGong is the ultimate solutions.

Now, for many beginners that only use a predictive system to make the prediction. This is where one's will fall into a pending decision case. From the previous cast to this cast, until step 2. If one's unable to proceed the explanation further. It will only make the querent living like in the hell. Imagine you were Mr A. You fall into such a dilemma, you can't hire a Taoist but Taoist is your only solution with what you have currently. What will you do as a diviner at this moment? Just tell him "good luck and hope I can still see you?" That is what I always emphasize, when we learn WWG, don't stop at the predictive phase. In fact, we should go further and learn how to seek a solution for our clients. Being accurate is not anyone's ultimate achievement.

Often, people misunderstand that WWG is only a predictive system. But this is very wrong. WWG not only able to predict accurately but also able to create better solutions.

Like I always say, an accurate prediction is useless unless comes with solutions. But how many really understand about this.

Con't to next case study...


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