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I Ching on Career (KW Oracle #015)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 015: Career advancement

Mr B is going to his new company very soon. He is in-charge as regional director. Before he works, he wanted to understand more about his future for this career.

Question: How is my career development in this new company?

Setting: Self-Mr B; Object-Company; Officer-Career; Matter-element-Wealth


1. Self-holding Sibling-Shen

➡️ According to his title and job description, Mr B unable to give what's he should give to the company. That is no sales can be generated.

2. Object at line sixth, holding Parent line as a legitimate dreadful-element and very weak (-4°)

➡️ Current clients base from this company is very bad. The company brand is not a reputable brand. This leads to difficulty in retaining clients.

3. Parent-Chen on first-line is moving and transformed into Wealth-line.

➡️ Will need to wait until next year Mao-month to turns better. (this cast falls on October, means another 5 months.)

4. Sibling-line is hidden move

➡️ Even the situation turns better after 5 months, it still not that ideal. Overall, the income that generated is still not able to cover the expenses.


Overall, not a good choice to stay. (This is why we need to cast before we take action, this case is in the opposite. Mr B comes for a cast only after accepting this offer.) Need to make an overall evaluation to reset Mr B career path. In the meantime, do not treat this as a permanent job.


After going into the new company, Mr B realise the internal sales department is not as glorious as he sees and he hears during the interview. Everything as expected from this hexagram. In the end, Mr B opts for career evaluation service and change another job through WWG.

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