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I Ching on Qi Gong (KW Oracle #022)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 022: I Ching to inspect the effectiveness of a Qi Gong method

Ms A learned Qigong for many years, she recently having something strange with this Qigong A. She wants to know if Qigong A going to benefits her.

Question: How is this Qigong (A) benefits to my health?

Setting: Self-Ms A; Object-Qigong A

(Thanks Gmuli & Ogi for this customise WWG generator... system still under testing)


1. Clash-hexagram

➡️ Result not seen, unstable of result

2. Object-line is moving, holding strong officer-line (+6°) and restricted to very weak self-line (-6°). Officer-line holding bird and turns into returning-restriction

➡️ This Qigong A will hurt self-line health very very bad. She can't take it, she will definitely feel an obvious uneasy (since the line prosperity too big gap) Should stop this method immediately. However, it shouldn't mean that this A method of Qigong is wrong. It has something not right with the environment. The environment is making you can concentrate due to the annoying noise.

3. Self-line on line sixth, hidden moving-line and generates to transformed-Wu-fire-line

➡️ Ms A body inner system will fight back and hold to this Qigong A. In other words, Ms A will find herself a way (psychologically) to accommodate this Qigong. Yet, physically still not accommodate.

Feedback and suggestion:

Ms A told that the noise might be came from her house pet. As her housing area is quite quiet. Whenever Ms A is practice on Qigong A, her pet keeps making noise.

Since it seems like this Qigong become a bad Qigong due to the housing condition. Now, Is the Qigong A itself not the right method for Ms A? Most probably yes, but this is unable to confirm yet. Need to cast if changing a place for this Qigong A would end up benefit to Ms A. If the same results show health is getting hurt, it basically can conclude this Qigong A is not a suitable method for Ms A.

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