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I Ching on Lost & Found (KW Oracle #026)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 026: How to use I Ching to find your lost items

Ms T went to a party with pretty jewellery. Before she back to her home, she told that she had taken off all her jewellery and put inside her handbag. But when she was at home, she couldn't find it. Since she was a little bit tipsy during that night, she can't even confirm that the jewellery is taken off before or after home. She wants to know where is the jewellery gone.

Question: Where is all my jewellery?

Setting: Self- Ms T; M.E- Wealth; Inner-house; Outer-Outside


1. Four asset-line appear in this hexagram

➡️ A lot of jewelleries have brought out

2. Line six sibling is moving, line one sibling is hidden moving, all is valid and restricted to asset-line and combine with asset line.

➡️ None of any jewellery is safe now, all of the jewellery is gone.

3. Sibling-line on line sixth holding tortoise and turns returning-generating.

➡️ Someone stole it and hide it.

4. Officer-line is void

➡️ No way could find this thief out. You will never know who steal it.

Feedback and suggestion:

Nothing much can do, this stolen case is planned and targeted.

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