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I Ching on Dispute Settlement (KW Oracle #008)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 008: Dispute (By condisciple)

A case from my fellow alumni. One day, She gets a called from her friend Mr Y. Mr Y living in an old apartment. His neighbour who lives upstairs is doing renovation and the water is now leaking from the ceiling. The furniture in Mr Y house has broken because of this leaking. Now Mr Y asks help from my condisciple (as a solicitor) in this dispute resolution. Before my condisciple picks up this job. She asks would she able to provide help and successfully reconciliation in this matter.

Question: Water leaks at location XXX, would I able to fix up this dispute resolution and successfully reconciliation to it?

Setting: Self-Mr Y; Object-Neighbour; Betwixt-my condisciple; Officer-Dispute; Offspring- solution


1. Betwixt is moving, Parent-Chou transformed into Offspring-Hai. Offspring continuous-generates to Sibling-You. Sibling-You then returning-generating to the Offspring.

➡️ Apparently, my fellow alumni are able to solve this problem with the professional skills she has.

2. Officer-line is empty and hidden-spirit of Wealth-Mao able to interact with the Parent-Chou. But it gets restricted by the hidden moving of Shen-metal.

➡️ Neighbour tries to fight with my fellow alumni, but not able to make anything hurt. (The reason not getting hurt is from the Sibling-Shen. In the level-4, professional class. We will learn who or what is this Sibling-Shen in real-life. From the hexagram alone, it's difficult to understand know who or what is this.)

3. Officer-line transformed into offspring that turn up a returning-restriction.

➡️ Reconciliation success. (Take note on the same element in the hexagram, it tells a lot of detail)


A couple of days later. My condisciple represents to Mr Y to attend this resolution. Everything as expected.

There are still many messages here showing how to win the resolution. (such as day extinct, transformed-sibling entering back to betwixt, etc...) However, let's just make it simple in my blog. More advance discussion will be conducted in the class. It doesn't benefit to one's with too complex analysis. It will only create more confusion.

As long as we are in the same school, the way we deciphering the hexagram will be the same when we see the setting. That is why Chinese Metaphysics can in fact be something scientifically (in terms of testing). When the outcome is able to produce a consistent result, this is a system. And it shall be easy to pass down to anyone. However, there is always some knowledge and area that science cannot and unable to reach. That is why Chinese metaphysic is mysterious. However, the mysterious will be cleared when a person is getting the appropriate concept. Many times, science still working hard to explain certain unknown matters. But it still a super long journey to waiting for "scientifically proven". Anyway, let's just leave this behind. Not my topic at all for this King Wen Oracle.

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