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I Ching on Feng Shui (KW Oracle #009)

Updated: May 22, 2020

Case Study 009: Inspect on Feng Shui

This is a case that using King Wen Oracle to inspect on Feng Shui, (Please take note to inspect and to manipulation of Feng Shui are both using a different technique. I will show how to use WWG to manipulate Feng Shui in the next case study.)

Mr A is currently facing some challenging with his life, including a very unstable income. He wants to know how effective is the Feng Shui to his fortune of wealth.

Question: How is my current house Feng Shui influence to my wealth and health?

Setting: Self-self; Object- house; Matter-element: Wealth and Self; Officer- job


1. Self-holding wealth with neutral, object holding parent

➡️ Mr A is having a good fortune but this good fortune is being influenced by the house negatively.

2. Six-line of parent transformed into offspring.

➡️ Need to attend more seminar or classes to improve his skills. Once skills get improved, it will be started to creating some income source.

3. Line four of Officer is empty and transformed into sibling-line

➡️ The current fortune of career is bad. Will remain unstable (jobless) for about a period of half-year. Then will start to get a stable job. However, the new job will lead to bad wealth.

4. Sibling-Shen is restricting to self-line.

➡️ Health is bad in this house (at least to Mr A). It leads to hard concentration. Currently having a lung and chest problem. It will be getting worst in the future, and this problem will go to the stomach that affecting appetite.


Mr A admits that he is in fact jobless right after he is doing this casting. He is having a lung problem that makes him hard to breath some times. He just did his annual health inspection not long ago and has highlighted this issue to the doctor. But the report shows everything is good. The doctor advises it may be a psychology matter that leads to this uneasy. Since he was facing challenging from that time, he is taking seriously to the doctor's advice that he is too tense. Now, Mr A understands the caused is actually from the bad Qi inside his house, which made him unable to concentrate and lead to physical illness.

(I have to make this statement bloody clear here, Chinese metaphysics are unable to replace a doctors' job. I don't mean and never claim that our profession can replace the doctor)

Feng Shui is affecting every one of us every second. When you buy an extra pot of flowers and put in at your garden, believe it or not. It might already change the Qi of Feng Shui that may be a good Qi, or it may be a bad Qi to you too. You don't need to take my word serious here. You just need to divine and let the mightly WWG tell you the truth. The proper application of Feng Shui with WWG still have a lot more steps to do than this case study. (If anyone is practising Feng Shui and read this case study coincidently, please go back to where you are if you don't believe and denied this system/method. I am just giving my experience and share it out what I have. You could invalidate this but no need to make any unnecessary argument. I don't mean to convince anyone here. Simply, the universe tells everything 😎)

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A.K Guru
A.K Guru
Apr 27, 2020

Hi Jose, Thanks for letting me know here. There’s some bug with the website calculator. Will let them know and to fixed it. (Correct date of hexagram already updated)


Jose C.
Jose C.
Jan 01, 1970

There seems to be a mistake in the hexagram drawn. The celestial stems offering the six beasts shown in the hexagram is Jia, but with the Jia Day stem the empty branches are You and Xu. The heavenly stems that make Wu in the fourth line empty are Ding or Wu, but with those stems, the animal/beasts configuration is distinct.

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