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Retrieving password with WWG

A conversation between me and my client

Client: Hi Laoshi, I need your help to figure out something very important. I need you to find XXX's password.

Me: What password are you talking about?

Client: It's the investment password for his previous monetary fund organisation.

Me: Why don't you just ask the organisation directly? Can't you use password recovery methods? It doesn't seem right to ask for a divination for this kind of issue.

Client: This is the only account he left unresolved before he passed away. I've asked the organisation, and they say it has to go through government channels. I already followed all the legal procedures, but they still won't acknowledge it.

Me: Let me think about how I can help. If there's a way, I'll let you know. If not, there's not much I can do...

Client: Alright!

Arrange a time for this question and cast to check if there was a violation of the divination's law and whether it was necessary to do this favour.

The next day...

Me: Do you want to give this a try? If so, my fee is US$5000. If I can't unlock it, I'll refund the money. From now, I can only tell you that the account holds seven digits amount, and the amount starts with a 3, and that's all I can reveal for now. I'll explore further if you agree.

Client: Okay, please go ahead!

unlocking process with the mightiest WWG…

A few days later...

Me: Try this password (combination of uppercase, lowercase, symbols, special characters and numbers).

Client: It worked! I’ll pay to your Westpac account!

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