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"套卦 - tào guà" - Another term we use in I Ching WWG

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

In this article, I am going to explain to you one special term we always used in WWG community. (It probably could be something new in the West I think) This term called "tao-gua" in Chinese. Written like this 套卦, and pronounce as "tào guà".

"套-tào" means to set, to encase, to cover, to modal after, to fit in.

“卦-guà", I think everybody knows this, this means trigrams or hexagram.

So, "套卦 - tào guà" means to fit in into a hexagram. Now, fit in with what? Of course it means to take the hexagram and make it fit into reality after we get the feedback from querent or the outcome of the prediction. (It could be something similar to hindsight explanation.) IT ALSO MEANS FAKE EXPLANATION!

"tao-gua" appears in any forms of divination, not only WWG.

"Tao-gua" is something harmful to the divination community, it doesn't produce any positive learning results to the public. (I'll explain how it hurts to any learner below.)

Tao-gua always appears in many published books. Some "teachers" or "masters" are not really skilful in "tao-gua". Their explanation from the hexagram can be often able to trace with something fishy. And some "master" are really very skilful in "tao-gua", this kind of master normally has a solid foundation of WWG. Their hexagram principle tends to be valid in many cases. But, why the master that has a solid foundation still doing this that harmful to any readers? To make it short here, that is because their hexagram principle is incomplete. Wild crane (野鶴全書), golden stalks strategies (黃金策), true stalks method (卜筮正宗), all these top classical WWG books is the later type that I am mentioning. Their "tao-gua" skill is in fact near to perfect. (especially wild crane) You probably able to find out the "fake" explanation if you are really skilful in WWG. (I mean really able to critic with solid evidence, not with any "feeling") Or else, you will always lead by the nose.

(Please take note that not all case study inside classical WWG is "fake", that is why they are near to perfect, blending up good and bad all together)

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Now, below is also another "tao-gua" from a well-known teacher (not from ancient and he is still alive). He had published a lot of books and some forum seems to be love to discuss and trying to learn from his book. Let's see what is going on.

This "well-known master" written this case about an illness. Is about someone's daughter that seems to be getting hematuria during a body check. The doctor told her to get back for a check-up again after some time. So, this parent (he never says is a dad or mom) wanted to cast and check if her daughter in something serious.

and he got this hexagram

According to this master, his explanation as below:

1. Offspring-line as "useful-spirit". (Can you understand why offspring-line is "yong-shen"?)

2.Yong-shen generated by month and restricted by day, so it is quite strong (excuse me, how come -2° is "quite strong"? did you see the inconsistent reading without quantification of line energy?)

3. then offspring-holding tiger, it means hematuria. (he said tiger = hematuria, wait for it...)

4. officer-line with Si-fire and attached to bird and clash with "yong-shen", officer-line as sickness and bird means inflammation. So, drink more water and it should be healed. (excuse me, is this making any sense?)

5. offspring-line entering into day-grave (day-grave is parent-line), daughter loves to study and always enjoy reading books. then offspring-line attached to tiger, it means active and loves sports.

All right, this is his explanation. Now, are you able to spot anything not right?

Let's see what is his conclusion, (according to "real-life" feedback)

This master wrote in his book that, this girl gets the first place (exam) in her school, and loves to play sports every day, and she is verified from the doctor that she got no more hematuria on her second check-up.


A typical "tao-gua" (hindsight explanation).

He is taking the facts and fit it into the hexagram.

So, What are that things bullshit? Before you look at my explanation, perhaps you should try to figure out yourself what is going on with this hexagram.

First of all, should we use offspring-line as "yong-shen" in sickness question? (students, I already explain this in the class. Try to answer this)

Secondly, he himself says that officer-line is sickness. Now, why the transformed-line of asset-line, that is returning-generation did not make the sickness become worst? (please take note that this master never explains on this transformed-line). So, why the hexagram that actually telling the sickness will be getting more serious has now turned to be explained as sickness will be healed?

Third, on one side, the tiger explains as hematuria. On another side, the tiger is again explained as loves to play sport. Does it make sense? If it makes sense, why? and if it doesn't, why? (students, I also already explaining this during the class)

Lastly, we all learned from "books" saying that sickness is officer-line and medical is offspring-line. First of all, what is the reason that offspring-line as "useful-spirit"? Because of daughter? or because of medicine? This master never does the setting. That creates controversy! (that is why we need to always set the hexagram before we cast)

So, offspring-line is daughter or medicine?

But nevermind, we can use general setting method

So, In this case, the general setting is that this offspring-line represents daughter. Now, here comes a question again. daughter as offspring-line, this setting is accurate or inaccurate? Can we use daughter as offspring-line? (I already explain very clear in the class, students. Try to answer this). What happened if we set daughter as offspring-line?

If you can understand the problem and able to point out the problem from this hexagram. I believe you won't tell me that reading books could make a person become more proficient in I ching. This author has written a lot of books, but all of the hexagrams explanation is a mess. Is all hindsight! But, people still trust him, because he had published many books and he has been teaching WWG for years.

Does reputation equal to quality?

You better think properly before you say the answer.

Some teachers do have real knowledge (with some fame)

But how do we know that is a real teacher?

blindly believe?



Next time when you heard someone told you that,

"I have read a lot of books, so I understand well about I ching and WWG"

Seriously? You gotta be kidding!

Real teacher? Real students?

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Nicholas Kris
Nicholas Kris
03 gru 2020

What I like from studying under your guidance is that we students are taught to examine everything until rigorously verified. This is the best of scientific mind in the making

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