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Why Prediction in Divination Fail and Inaccurate?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

This article is to reply to one of the readers regarding my last topic. The topic is explaining about how an ancient diviner predicts the smallpox virus with Wen Wang Gua technique. I have also pointed out some blind spot found in the manuscript and make annotation so that many readers won't taking all the bad with the good together.

Not sure have this reader gone through all the reading yet, but this reader leave me a message like this

Alright, so maybe you would like to do a small test.
Where I live right now there is not a forced quarantine, only people being encouraged not to go out.
I am not to my knowledge infected with the Coronavirus or otherwise sick. I currently have at least two weeks of food supplies in my house. I last went out very briefly, on Friday morning, to buy things at the weekly market.
I do not have any certain plans of when I will leave the house again.
Can you predict when I will next leave the house?
Would like to try to predict why I would leave?

Initially, I thought this reader is going to ask me about something how to use Wen Wang Gua in predicting the virus. But from this message. Apparently, it has nothing to do with virus prediction. The question behind this reader is actually asking 2 layers of an answer.

First is asking me how can I predict "when will he be leaving his house"

Second is if he is leaving. "What is the reason for making him leave his house?"

I am not sure how ZhouYi method can make a prediction like this. I personally don’t think that the text method could directly answer this kind of question. However, when we speak about Wen Wang Gua in this kind of topic. How far and how deep this technique can go is actually what’s this reader wanted to find out. This is the real question this reader wanted to know.

You see from this point. When we put all the learning into practice. Many diviners finding difficulty to interpret what is the querent true question behind. In fact, to learn the true value of divination is not about learning how to predict accurately. You have to understand how to guide your clients into the true question. Without understanding the true question will lead to an invalid prediction. No matter how accurate or how precise the prediction you can make it. If the outcome is an invalid prediction. Your client or you yourself won’t benefit anything from this. I will explain how important an invalid answer. Probably have to wait until I have some spare time to write an article for this topic again.

Now let see how we can use Wen Wang Gua with this kind of answer.

For the first layer of this question. When will I leave my house? First of all, this prediction can be done with the “time-divine method”. I have personally done many of this type's question. Initially, I have put in 3 cases for your reference in this article. But it ends up increase the reading time for this article become nearly 18 minutes. I wanted to keep reading as short as possible. So I deleted my own case here and leave 2 wild crane case studies. I think many people seem much interested in how ancient people make divination. Anyway, I have to remind you. Do not idolise any classical books. There is still much space for improvement. I will explain this in the future again.

This is case 125,

asking when my mom gonna come back as she is staying a thousand miles away from me

Original text:


Translate from the book:

Line one Zi-water transform to Parent Chou-Earth. Zi and Chou Combo. When it is in the combination, it means she will never come back. (#3) Parent-Wei-Earth transform into forward-spirit (Wei-earth transform into Xu-earth). This also indicates as will not come over. (#1)

However, Wei-Earth is generating to Sibling-You-Metal. And Sibling is transforming into the backward-spirit. This Sibling-You-Metal will eventually combine with self-line. This indicates that your brother or sister will come over on Chen month.(#4) He then said; I don't have brothers, only sister. (#2)

In the end, the querent sister is coming as expected in the third month.

This is because of sibling-empty transform empty. It also implies returning home. (#1)


  1. In Wild Crane methodology, the hexagram type he is using is: When the line transforms into forward-spirit, it means not coming back; When the line transforms into backward-spirit, it means coming back.

  2. This is a hexagram of Ask A answering B. (Ask for mom but answering brother)

  3. When matter-element gets combine by others element, it means a movement is getting restriction

  4. The time-divine method here is not logic. You-metal is in fact entering to the day-grave (Chou-Earth). And wild crane predicting the timing at Chen month. When sibling entering into the day-grave. According to the wild crane, his own methodology. The accurate timing supposes to wait until the grave gets open. Then only his brother will be coming. The branches that able to make the grave open is Wei-Earth. In time-divide, it supposes to come back at Wei month, not Chen month.


Watch my YouTube channel to learn what is forward-spirit and backward-spirit.

Time-divine method is something very complicated. My course outline has split this topic into 4 levels. From beginner to professional class still will be learning time-divine method. You could see how complicated and how big is the time-divine topic from this. I don't think I will explain how to read the line for grave-opening as a time-divine technique free on my YouTube channel.

Let me show you another case from Wild Crane about the time-divine method.

Case 399,

asking when my father will be coming back

(This is the exact same hexagram and similar question with case 125 above, let see how Wild Crane explain on this)

Original text:


Translate from the book:

Parent-Chou-Earth on the first line combines with Child-line. Not coming back. (#1)

Wei-Earth of line five transforms into Parent-Forward. Not coming back. Have to wait till the year of Wu-fire for returning. (#2)

In the end, His father is coming back when the time arrives on the month of Xu-Earth in the year of Wu-fire.

Predict at Wu-year is because Wei-Parent is moving. And when the year of Wu-fire arrive, it will combine with this Wei-Parent (the querent ask this question during the year of Dragon, it means after 3 years). Because when the line is moving, the timing will be fall during the combination year.

On another side, Zi-water on first-line also being combined with the Parent-Chou-Earth. When it is combined, it needs to get break up. The year of Wu-fire will break off this combination.


  1. With Wild Crane methodology, he wrote this time-divine technique in his manuscript as (Wild Crane cyclopedia, Vol. 4); When the Yin-Wood and Hai-water get combined, and if this combination falls on the day or the month of Shen-metal or Si-fire month. Either Shen-metal or Si-fire will break up the Yin-Hai combo. This specific technique called clash up the combination. This hexagram was cast during Wei-month. First-line Zi-Chou combo shall already broken by the Wei-month. Why is wild crane not interpret as the year of Wei?

  2. If the first layer of prediction already told that the querent's father will not be returning home. Why it still can be explained as will be returning in the year of Horse? When we explain a hexagram. The sequence shouldn't get wrong. If the answer is no. It means no more further explanation. If the universe wanted to let you know he will be returning, then the first layer of the answer will be YES, he will be coming back home. Then the second layer only tells the time. The system is apparently explained with a big conflict on it.

  3. If his father won't return, it will never appear to have an answer about when will be back. Even if the answer is yes, he will be coming back. The timing shall be during the combination period, which is also the wu-fire. But why wild crane doesn't explain the time is derived from a combination, but is derived from clash? Another puzzle, how is wild crane know that it is the year of Wu-fire, not the month of Wu-fire? In my own system, we could explain exactly the result whether is in a month or year? or even day. (If you learned WWG and put it into practice, you definitely understand what am I saying over here. No any resources in the public will tell you the technique to differentiate it is a year, or a month or a day.) But in the entire manuscript, wild crane doesn't explain about this. And if you read carefully all the case studies, you will never find out a regular pattern. Could it be that wild crane also making the same mistake that what many also making? Explain to the hexagram with feeling and guessing?

  4. There are two parent-line in this hexagram, which one is the true useful-spirit?

Now with this 2 case studies, you shall learn that King Wen Oracle can be definitely used to predict a time. In fact, in the entire 400 over case studies, there are still more cases about time-divine method. Even though the explanation in the cases 125 seems unreasonable and it was not really well-explain about the conflict. Anyhow, we could see that if we wanted to predict the time for leaving the house. It has no limitation with this tool. The precision of time to predict depends on your question needs. It can be answerable in a lifetime manner or a minute's manner.

Now, let's go to the second layer of this question. If I would leave the house, why am I leaving?

Frankly speaking, this is the limitation of WWG. (I personally never see any other's prediction tool available in the market has no limitation to this as well). If you watch my video and get the message from me. You will understand that up till now, there are no any tools able to split the categories into very detail like this. (probably you have. if you have. Please leave me a message below, I would like to explore more about it). To elaborate further, leaving a house can be happening with over a hundred or a thousand reasons. It is not possible that WWG able to predict a single image that consists of a thousand reasons.

It doesn't really matter you are using ZhouYi text method, plum blossom oracle, Qimen, or even tarot. All the divination are sharing a common principle. If you understand very well about prediction. You shall understand what is the principle of divination. Well, if you don't understand the principle of divination. Then you will not be able to understand what am I explaining over here. You will find it difficult to read this article. In fact, this topic is the syllabus in my level 4 professional-level course. Anyway, I just wanted to conclude and share with you that a thousand of attributions are not able to show up in the outcome. It has violated the principle of indicating a hexagram. There will be no way any ordinary method able to elaborate such super detail from divination outcome.

Just not long ago, one of my students asked me this. He said someone (let's name this some