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Why use WWG when your career is in multiple-choice situation

Lately, I've seen someone on Facebook I Ching group asking about career development. Not just one person, but a few of them seemed facing a similar situation. Basically the problem is like they wanted to leave the company but worry about the new company. Some made the casting and ask opinion from netizen. and some were asking how to formulate a question. Actually, this kind of question can be easily done with Wen Wang Gua, especially with our school methodology. We treat this as an elementary level of questioning in our school. Why elementary? Because this kind of question can be answered directly in less than 5 seconds. Yet, it is also a useless question to the querent. I'll explain why shortly.

Now, let's make a simple scenario. Says you are currently employed and looking for another job. (I.e you are serving job A and job B is offering you now) So you are in a "simple" multiple-choice situation. At this time, we need only to check how is self-line, lower-trigram or upper-trigram react to the officer-line. (officer-line is the matter-element when we ask about career).

With this easy setting, I can tell you precisely how good or how bad it is.

For example,

This hexagram shows you that job B (new job) is better than job A (current job).

Now, how much "better"? Anyone able to quantify for this?

If we can't make our prediction quantified, it is some times a useless prediction. Because it can't be letting the querent to make a comparison.

I mean what if when your results shows that both are good. You will definitely fall into another dilemma again. simply because you don't know how to make the comparison. So, in order to solve this, we have to tell the questioner with a scoring of his question.

In this hexagram, Job B scores 60 points out of 100 points. 60 already means that this "better" would be able to feel it obviously.

Let me show you another one.

This hexagram shows both job A and job B are not good. It means staying with your current job or taking with the new offer will not make your life better.

But in long run, job B (new company) will slowly turn better. and the time to turn better is during September. But still, overall is not that good. Again, how bad when I say bad?

This hexagram score -20. Now, when you look back to the previous hexagram. You can see that changing to a wrong job will get one life even worst. Just like this hexagram. Staying or moving will be score -20. -20 indicates that career will become worst, but not really the obvious. You will some times feel like your work is in bad condition. That is the meaning of scoring -20 (compare to previous which score +60)

So, this is the true prediction that any person should be deserved to have it. Divination outcome meant to be clear, not vague.

Now, with this simple analysis. We know that what we should choose (with a very firm idea, no vague situation). But if you ask me to rate with this kind of divination outcome. I will still rate this as a kind of fail question. (that is why I said elementary level of divination) The reason I say so is that I am only giving you fortune-telling. I did not even tell you what are those things that are bad, or how to make things become better?

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Let me show you with a real life case study here,

still the same, matter-element is officer-line.

(to understand about career setting method, please refer to my other case studies written in this blog. I will not explain too much how I decipher this hexagram as this is not the purpose for this article)

Now, this querent work in sales line and he is asking about the condition of the new job if he take the offer.

So, I can tell from this hexagram that in overall. His job condition is good. and this new job would be scoring 80 out of 100. Now, is this answer clear enough?

I think it should be clear enough. At least you got a direct answer and also the score. But again, this is so elementary. We need to tell him what that so good? and could he make it any better out of this 80?

You see, once you touch in divination.

You have to understand that if any divination cannot be making a room for you to get improvement.

Then you better reconsider if that system you are using really useful to you.

So, we come back to this. In order to make his career better.

We need to tell him that he needs to stay away from his colleague and works as an individual. By this way, he will be getting more sales. (Line 3 sibling turns advance) and His negotiation power is not that strong, but this can be improved. (line five parent moving and self-line)

Now, Improve from where?

You have to understand that different learning channel will be getting a different learning outcome. So from the hexagram, I can again tell him to go through all the training that arrange by his company. He needs also to discuss more with his employer or superior (object-line and line 5). This will make his job easier and able to get more sales. Once he gets everything ready. He will be having a bunch of promotion opportunities. (line 2 and line 6)

Now, this explanation is so clear and you could understand what is the situation. You even understand where to focus once you entering into this new company.

So, can we go further from here?

Of course we can.

For example, how much increment in the future if we accept the new job?

(I think this is the most important part for many people here)

From this hexagram,

within the 24 months period. his pay would be increased by 30% on average. (If he is not really aggressive with my suggestion). If he solves the problem according to the suggestion. He will be getting an increment of 70% on average. (another 40% more)

Now is the end of 2020. Few more days to 2021. This querent has now already got paid with more than 70%. And he is already chief of a big company. So, that is the opportunities that show from the hexagram. and he totally gets everything exactly the figure that I have done the divination for him.

So, now. I called this a true colour of divination. The answer is clear and not vague. Directly answering your questions. Giving you a score. Telling you what is the thing that is good and that is bad. And also, helping him to make more than his original destiny. So, making the prediction worth more.

I Ching Wen Wang Gua is not only for fortune-telling.

Who is the one that always says that WWG is only about fortune-telling? (Tell me and I'm going to kick his butt real pain)

WWG for career development?

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

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4 comentários

A.K Guru
A.K Guru
24 de dez. de 2020

To answer your question,

1. I set it as lower trigram as current job and upper trigram as a new job. I did not set self-line and object-line for this matter. self-line and object-line have another usage.

2. matter-element is officer-line and it is hiding under hidden hexagram. matter-element is only an element to make an expansion for the reading. The main reading for this is focus on how a moving-line interact with officer-line.

3. officer-line in hidden moving. There are two of them. It means once the problem gets solved. His career opportunities will appear. Self-line holding sibling is talking about his ability. His ability is currently weak, but there is some opportunity in the future. If he can't…


Nicholas Kris
Nicholas Kris
24 de dez. de 2020

I still don't understand. 1) In pic one, S is the current job and O is the new career? 2) in pic 2, where are the matter-elements for job A and job B? 3) in pic 3, all officer in initial hexagrams are 0 and advancing. Are this the signs his job condition is good? The person has Sibling Wei Ea +2 and officer kills sibling which can't do in this hexagrams pic.


22 de dez. de 2020

Thanks Ak


Nicholas Kris
Nicholas Kris
21 de dez. de 2020

Wow I hope I can do the same with my wwg

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