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Pre-school level WWG - How to choose the right Chinese medicine? (Case study #55)

Today, I am going to show you how to use WWG with a very simple way. As long as you understand where to look for the six-kins from a hexagram. Then you should be able to get it right. Let's take a real-life case study to explain this.

One of my clients who had consulted 2 different Chinese Medicine doctors. And both doctors had diagnosed the same illness. But the prescriptions from both doctors are different. And those medicines are very expensive. He had no idea which one should he take and he doesn't want to take both together as he is not sure would taking both medicines together bring him any side-effect. So, he is not sure which prescription would heal his illness. He is then in a multiple-choice situation.

Now, I believe many of you here must have always been facing this kind of situations as well. That what to choose when we are in a multiple-choice situation. We can easily solve this WWG. And the technique for this is super easy. You can do the setting like this.

Self-line as yourself; and offspring-line as correct prescription.

Now, don't toss the coins yet after this setting.

You need to again set the hexagram type.

Or else, you will still get stuck after this setting.

The hexagram type for this is also super easy.

If offspring-line appears at lower trigram, it means A medicine.

If offspring-line appears at upper trigram, it means B medicine.

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Now, let see what he got.

This offspring-line appear at upper trigram. So, it means B medicine will be able to heal his illness.

That's it! Simple and ended this reading.

No need to bother too much about the moving-line if you don't know how to read moving-line. Of course, I mean moving-line in WWG. Not moving-line with I Ching text.

Often, I always see people applying I Ching text in WWG. This is a big no-no. You are killing yourself if you do it like this. I will explain this in the future.

(This questioner end up is happy with this B medicine).

In actual reading, we still need to look at those moving-lines. It always has something (or more) to tell. This is undeniable. For example, what if this prescription is effective initially (like in just a few days or a few months). But no more useful after the first treatment? Or it is in fact, The medicine is actually still powerful, but caused by other's issue? That is why we still need to learn how to read the whole hexagram.

Anyway, we learn WWG step by step and decipher the message layer by layer. At least, you should be able to use this preschooler WWG method immediately right after this article.

Layer 1 reading in which prescription will serve me right? Easy peasy

I will find time to expand this article in the future. Probably next writing? We'll see.

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1 Comment

Nicholas Kris
Nicholas Kris
Dec 30, 2020

1) I observed that self-line and object-line always stays in different trigram. If one is in lower then the other is in the upper. 2) in this hexagram according to the setting, self-line stays in upper trigram. But officer also occurs in lower trigram. Since we have set that the chosen medicine is the officer closest or in the same trigram with the self-line then the chosen medicine is the B medicine.

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