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A Snippet of the WWG Six-kinships (self-line & object-line)

Self-line as the protagonist, owner of an event/question. It is a line that an event/question revolves around. Self-line can be used as an inspection on a personal appearance, attitude, physique, body structure, energy, vitality, expression, temperament, emotional, etc. Such as if wood-element is prosperous, it could mean an optimism, long life, wide forehead, a thinker, etc. A person health and luck, including disaster, can all find out from self-line. It is a line that we can observe to see how is the protagonist react to the event.

No matter how we read a line in a hexagram, self-line can be said that it is always the line to observe. (one of the matter-element).

Object-line in mandarin called 應爻 yīng yáo, many called it as others-line. Because it is interpreted as “others” (from the perspective of self-line, others than six-kins). But “yīng” actually means how an event/question response from six-kins. When we throw a question, there must be a response. And the "response" is then interpreted as “others” line. The meaning of “yīng” is to correspond to an event, it can be any object that we wanted to make a prediction. The area of application can be your business partner, your spouse, your clients, friends, your house, etc.

There are so much of images on every six-kins and some may even overlap. For example, offspring can be your clients, and object-line can now also be your clients. This is making many self-learner stops at this phase, especially not much resources to refer during the learning progress. To determine the images of six-kins, this is an action called picking-up matter-element. It means we need to understand our question, then appointed the focus point (matter-element), and then read the hexagram from matter-element. We expand the reading from the focus point. Just like how Taiji expand into 64 hexagrams. Only when you pick up the accurate images (matter-element), then the first layer of reading can be done. It is meaningless to read further if we can’t even make the first step accurate.

There is a common misunderstanding about self-line and object-line. That people often think that self-line must be something that closes to the questioner. or self-line must be someone that holds a dominant position. That is not necessary. There is no mandatory rule about self-line and object-line. All of these still need to go back to the divination principle, which is how a diviner does the setting.

You can see the self-line and object-line as Yin and Yang. In most of the time, when there appears to be a leading role, there must also exist with a supporting role. This is the relationship between self-line and object-line.

The position of self-line will have again have different images (or meaning). When self-line appears at line one or line two, this is called earth-line. It means that person that represents self-line stays grassroots or having a low reputation. They hardly to be noticed by others. and when self-line appears at line three or line four, this is called human-line. human-line is already above the ground (earth-line). They are those people that much better among grassroots. They have better socialising skills and their reputation is higher than those stays at earth-line. and when self-line appears at line five and line six, this is called heaven-line. As the name implies, it is above the sky and it means they are the upper-class person. A King, or a group chairman, or mafia head are all those that stay at heaven-line. They earn the greatest prestige. And when self-line is at line six, it means a recluse. They are legend, they have a great honour but has no real power to influence an event outcome.

When self-line appears at wandering-soul hexagram or returning-soul hexagram. This is called ghost-line. This normally uses to express something with mentality layer. Such as nightmares and some kinds of disorder. It is more to be express in a spiritual layer, that is why it called ghost-line. Ghost-line appears when a person is in absent-minded. Like the spirit has left their body. A person that their eye lack of vigour is similar to this situation.

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