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King Wen Oracle Online Course

The Five layers of Celestial WWG


Currently, only offer offline Mandarin language course. The online course is still under progression. Register yourself to book a seat in the future (to get a discount founding students price.) Course structure as below, please come back time to time to check here for updates. Will updates detail lesson.

Update (11 Sept 2020):

WWG beginner online course now has been done 65% so far. I can guarantee that the content is very quality. I am also very welcome to those that had already attend other's WWG class to attend my class. Even if you have already attended another WWG course, this beginner course will still be so much knowledge and skills that you never heard of before. The most important is, this course will clear many of your doubt.


Please register yourself now before the official launching to get early bird promo.


If you have some foundation of I Ching (I mean accurate foundation), it will be better in making you absorb my teaching. If you don't, no worries... Watch my YouTube now to get yourself familiar with the basic terms.


Submersed dragon, don't use

LEvel 1

the three main keys

Beginner entry level

Learn the principle and theory of WWG

18 hours lesson


Sighting a dragon in the paddy fields

LEvel 2

the Seven Arcane

Intermediate level

Learn to predict any sort of questions

22 hours lesson


Jumping Into the Abyss

LEvel 3

the Five attribution

Advance level

Learn to find out the reason behind every problem

32 hours lesson


Dragon soaring through the Heavens

Level 4

the Hidden Truth

Consulting & Professional level

Learn to provide the solution, including decipher all difficult hexagram

No online available.

Must be conduct face to face


Dragons without leader

Level 5

the mastery

For qualified disciple ONLY

Learn the truth of mystical, let your skill becoming into mystical stage.

Life-time lesson

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