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I Ching Wen Wang Gua

(King Wen Oracle)
Online Course
The Five levels of Celestial WWG

WWG beginner and intermediate online courses are ready. You can click the "read more" button to see what you are about to learn. The course fees for beginner courses are still in the promotional period. So grab your seat before it increases again.

There is no entry threshold for the intermediate (level 2) courses. You can skip level 1 and go directly to level 2 (if you think you have experience in this area). This course is open to anyone who wants to learn WWG. However, it is necessary to apply for course enrollment (LEVEL TWO), and students will be admitted to the course after screening. Therefore, not every request will be able to register for my level 2 WWG masterclass. This is to prevent non-genuine participants. For this reason, the course link will only be provided for successful applicants.

All courses will receive my direct support and will be invited to participate in online workshops only (for genuine students only). The workshops are a place to further discuss the WWG applications not provided in the video.

If you have specific questions about the course, please contact me.



Submersed dragon, don't use

LEvel 1
Three Keys of Divination

Beginner entry level

Learn the principle and theory of WWG

18 hours lesson

iching Dragon Sighted in the Field 潛龍在田.


Sighting a dragon in the paddy fields

LEvel 2
Eight Secrets

Intermediate level


Learn to interpret and predict any type of question.

21 hours lesson



Jumping Into the Abyss

LEvel 3
Five Observation

Advance level

Learn to find out the reason behind every problem

32 hours lesson



Dragon soaring through the Heavens

Level 4

the Hidden Truth

Consulting & Professional level

Learn to provide the solution, including decipher all difficult hexagram

No online available.

Must be conduct face to face



Dragons without leader

Level 5

the mastery

For qualified disciple ONLY

Learn the truth of mystical, let your skill becoming into mystical stage.

Life-time lesson

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