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What is up? I'm Alfred!

I'm the business coach that helping many entrepreneurs and new start-up in their decision making.

Pick up the best strategist for your life target.

Helping them to get the best possible strategy.

Up till now, I had guided many successful self-made millionaires from scratch.

And the number is still keep growing!

I myself have my own business empire. I run a couple of businesses and involve in few industries at the same time. Managing employee more than 500. But that doesn't bother you.

What's most important is what can I do for you. 

What value I can provide to you.

A business strategist and I Ching educator

Motivation Mentor?

No, I'm Not!

I'm not the kind of coach that telling you like

"Yes, you can do it, believe in Yourself"

Yes, To go for a better life, you need to get motivated!

But I don't really provide with much motivation talk.


Most of the time, what you are looking for is something much more tangible

I can hear from you that you need to have something measurable and shall be expected. 

Not just talk and go.

That is the thing that can really help you out.

Help you to take up the proper and correct action.


Don't get me wrong that people don't need to get motivated.

What here is, getting minimum motivation talk and let's get our hand dirty.

That's the way to get you a beautiful tomorrow.


The Proven Methodology


I used The Feng Shui & I-Ching 易經 to create successful opportunities for my clients. (of course including myself)


Why involved in Chinese Metaphysics?


The answer is very simple.

Heard of "law of attraction" or " Intuition"?

Human is living beings. Living-things in the universe generates its own magnetic field which will get attracted to anything in this world.

Attract to the People, Matters, Time, Location, Situation.


Just like why you are here now.

​That's all make up your destiny.​

The majority from the rich person has their own Private Feng Shui advisor. But don't think that the consultation will be costly when I said the rich.

Rich people get rich because they did the right decision at the right timing with the right people!

This is what I am helping you out


Apply to the Rich


Define to me -

what is a successful life?


Have you ever ask yourself what is a successful life?

Being wealthy enough is not considering a successful life! You have to also get your personal life happy enough.

When all of your life is happy, that's I called a successful life.

All in balance is an ultimate happiness life.

Meaning that when you have made a decent income,

you gotta have a good marriage life as well.

You gotta have a fit body too.

Life is all about balance!  


This is a big philosophy of TaiChi which you might always hear of the Yin(陰) and Yang(陽). 

If you understand this, then you will understand what you could expect from me.

Apart from being a Business Strategist Coach.

I also coach you in personal happiness as well. 

Your Life Coach!

Now, that is what a truly successful life.


Get your successful life in Wealth, Health, Relationships, and Career with AK Guru Today!

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Right, Finished introducing all the exciting matters.

Now I need to let you know what actually I can help you out!



  • Get you your own very specific and unique destiny blueprint

    • E.g: Your successful path can be a millionaire, but as now you only work for this company, you never achieve your maximum potential. Therefore you need to get into "this kind of company"(solution).

      • I will then help you find out where is "this kind of company" is located.

      • If there is a vacancy available, I will tell you the best strategy to beat down the others' interviewee so that you could secure the job.

    • E.g Your real love appears to be in the Year 2023 September. So before this, will only end up with hurts.

      • if you really wanted to get into a happiness marriage before this, here you go(solution), that's his/her weakness.​

    • E.g Your children will be the one that makes your life harder. Your savings have spent on the majority and they will never appreciate you.

      • Sending your children to your (solutions) is the best way.​

  • Get you the best strategy to work on your decision making (this is how Sun-Tzu Art of War Winning secret that never reveals in his war-book)

    • Your competitor is counter-offering with a price of $210,000 for tendering this job.

    • The maximum amount your boss can be offered for this negotiation is to increase another $360, else this negotiation will blown-off.

    • This business investment can have an average net profit of $350,000 annually for this first 2 years. On the 3rd years onwards, you will start losing money of an average of $400,000.

    • This customer you are meeting right now is not going to deal with you. What he wants is from you is to cheat your money.

  • Get you the guarantee workable Feng Shui which skyrocket your cash.


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