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When I Ching Has No Text

wén wáng guà coins divination

If you are looking for an oracle system that can provide direct, precise, detailed, accurate, and straight to the point, no-nonsense answers. This book will serve you well! We will be discussing different examples (with real-life case studies) of questions that can be answered by WWG, such as employment and career, wealth (from personal to business and investment), health ( From general health to a professional application that not limited to Chinese and Modern Medicine), relationships (in any kind of relationships), property and feng shui, luck (including those that is intangible), and so much more.


Wen Wang Gua is another I Ching practice that has a history of more than a thousand years. The accuracy of this system is extremely high. The designed framework of WWG adopts only the yin and yang to read the hexagrams and this makes deciphering so much easier. (i.e, if it wasn't yin, then it must be yang) Hence, there is no need for text during the entire deciphering process.


Please be rest assured you will not need to pick up another translation of the I Ching again. This book simply does not copy just from the ancients. In fact, it has not much to do with the ancient texts. Despite saying this, this book is still using the basic and original designed structure, that was built thousands of years ago. It reveals many secret techniques and explains why some theories are not working.


For the first time ever, I am revealing all those privately passed down techniques about this little known system of I Ching. I will lead the reader step by step through this fantastic and rewarding oracle from ancient China. To perform divination, it is absolutely not just about throwing coins and using one's intuition. It is a fully analytical system. That is why everyone can learn to read in the future.


This book will guide you step by step with lessons (with proper listing and organising) from A to Z. I can assure you that this book is the one that you have been searching for a long time.

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: ‎AK Guru Prediction Consultancy

: ‎English

: ‎256 pages

: ‎9671938701

: ‎978-9671938706

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" I believe Alfred Kee should be congratulated on an excellent addition to the WWG literature; in my opinion it is undoubtedly the best text available in English. " 

“One of the great strengths of this work is that AK carefully develops these concepts for people with no prior background and he does so in a consistent manner using consistent terminology. (If you don't appreciate the value of this, try learning WWG from some of the existing works in English and you'll see what I mean.)

AK develops the theoretical aspects of the subject, carefully interspersed with case studies illustrating the topic under consideration. In total there are 50 such case studies or real life worked examples."

A. Khabaza / Amazon UK

30% of this book can be read for free on google play


Available in paperback books and e-books.

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Nice book to learn I Ching
WWG when I ching has no text - Available in ebook
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