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The Changes
of The I Ching

The Eight Secrets of The wén wáng guà

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Ever wonder why things happen? Why do certain situations in our lives play out the way they do? Can we change things? Can we grasp change? The ancient Chinese certainly think so. Master Alfred Kee has compiled decades of study and research that rests on of centuries of Wen Wang Gua knowledge and tradition, and delivers it in this concise and most informative textbook to make Wen Wang Gua accessible to everyone.

In this textbook, the second in the Celestial School’s Wen Wang Gua Textbook series, you will learn:

  • How to apply the definitions learned in the beginner’s textbook.

  • Why it’s important to word the question to specify the target answer.

  • Which method to use on the different types of questions to decipher the message.

  • Identify major pitfalls and learn how to avoid or address them.

  • Foundational concepts for advanced Wen Wang Gua.

You will find advice on what to look out for as you master your readings. With lots of real-life examples, this will be your guide to decipher any message to know what’s in store for you at any time - A must-read for anyone who needs to identify the best course of action in any situation.

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: ‎AK Guru Prediction Consultancy

: ‎English

: ‎295 pages

: ‎9671938736

: ‎978-9671938737 

: ‎1.13 pounds

: ‎15.24 x 1.7 x 22.86 cm

30% of this book can be read for free on google play


Available in paperback books and e-books.

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