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Beyond Prediction: How the Diviner Turned a “Dead Hexagram”.

So, in the previous article, we talked about how people still rely on fortune-telling for merely future reading. Using divination for predictions is like the basic function. The real deal is when professional masters use it to alter their destiny, not just for plain old predictions. Today, I want to share an interesting real story about how I managed to turn around a prediction that seemed utterly hopeless.

Now, let me share with you two WWG readings, all about extramarital affairs. Yeah, you heard me right, these were cases where the askers' lawful partners were having affairs outside the marriage. When these two askers came to me, they all wanted to know if their spouses would break up with their lovers and come back to them.

Now, let me start with the first WWG reading. The asker is a lady, so in this setting, the Self Line represents the lady asker herself (i.e the wife), the Object Line represents her hubby (experienced folks, take a moment to ponder why women's spouses aren't represented by the Officer Line), and the Asset Line represents the mistress.

Alright, let's dive into the interpretation of this hexagram. Since the main focus of this article is "changing destiny," I won't go into too much detail about the other aspects. Interested readers can explore further on their own. So, let's get to it.

Firstly, unfortunately, the Object Line (representing the husband) and the Asset Line (representing the mistress) are in a Three Combo formation relationship. It means that the husband and the mistress are highly "compatible" both bodily and emotionally. Basically, when we analyse a hexagram to determine an extramarital affair, if we see a strong connection between the spouse and someone else on a bodily level, it's a clear indication that the spouse won't be coming back home. That's the harsh reality.

The second message is the hidden hexagram under clashes condition. This indicates a multitude of hidden conflicts in the marital relationship and implies the possibility of divorce. It's a clear sign of trouble.

The third message is that the Asset Line is highly prosperous (+8°) and it's overwhelming the weak Self Line (-8°). This indicates that although the husband is involved in an affair, he holds the dominant position in the relationship. Taking all these factors into account, it becomes clear that it will be difficult to salvage the relationship. That's the PREDICTION part!

Now, let's move on to the second hexagram. In this case, a man is questioning whether his lawful wife is involved with another man. The Self Line now represents the man, the Object Line represents his wife, and there's an additional observation to be made here, the Parent Line represents the marriage.

First of all, did you notice that both hexagrams are the exactly same hexagram (original hex)? Similar question, a similar answer? How coincidently? The difference lies in the fact that this hexagram is a Sole Moving hexagram. The Object Line represents the asker's wife, and it transforms into Returning Generation, which in turn restricts the Parent Line (which represents the marriage). This indicates an inevitable divorce as the Parent Line is spoiled. So, does the wife have another man outside the marriage? The answer is yes, and you can see this from the Hidden Moving of the Asset Line in the Third Line, where the hidden Officer Line implies hidden affairs. The presence of the hidden Officer Line beneath the Asset Line, along with the Officer Line holding the Flying Serpent, all indicate signs of infidelity. In simple terms, this hexagram reveals that the spouse is having an affair, and they will initiate a divorce.

From these two hexagrams, we can see that both involve infidelity and harm to the Self Line. If we were to differentiate the extent, the first hexagram would be more difficult to reverse because of the intense physical and emotional connection. However, despite the outcome indicated by the first hexagram, the husband was successfully brought back. Does this mean the first hexagram's prediction was inaccurate? Not at all. It's because I intervened and made changes to the fate of the lady asker, which resulted in her husband returning. Here, let me show you another aspect, which is the lady's BaZi. (Due to client privacy, I'll cover most of the BaZi's element, but I'll reveal the spouse palace and the relevant parts.)

From the lady's BaZi, we can see that the entire spouse palace is highly unstable, and the root of the Day Master is from the spouse palace (Xu), the ONLY root from the Day master in the whole lot "eight characters". This aligns perfectly with reality, as this lady experienced such a situation where she couldn't leave her husband because, from the perspective of her BaZi, without her husband, she couldn't survive. (This also reflects from BaZi that the Day Master is not enough of energy as the ONLY root is always in a clashing position). Furthermore, the arrival of the Year of the Ox triggered the energy of punishment in the spouse's palace, which led to this incident in 2021. Additionally, when this lady consulted about the matter, it was during the month of Chen, and this specific month can enhance the energy of the entire BaZi. During this Chen month, the Chen's energy came with stronger force to clash with the spouse palace.

Isn't it this is cool, BaZi and WWG walk simultaneously, each reflecting the same thing at the same time with a different prediction tool? That is more like this to show you in the future, that is why a failure feng shui is always a failure as it doesn't have "connection" within the whole CM system.

So, based on the BaZi analysis and the WWG, it seemed that the marriage couldn't be salvaged. But why did fate eventually change? That's the power of altering destiny. Even in a "dead hexagram," (a mate mentioned "死卦 - dead hexagram" from Facebook group) as long as we find a way, there is still room for changing fate. Now, let's come back to the question of why I didn't help the other person change their destiny. The success of altering destiny depends on various factors, and one of them is that I simply didn't want to help him, it is not that it cannot be done. Some people might wonder if there will be negative consequences for me, the diviner, by changing someone's destiny in this way. Because not only did I prevent a marital crisis for the asker, but I even completely reversed their destiny. This is actually a misunderstood aspect that many people don't grasp. If I have the opportunity, I will explain whether or not fortune-tellers will face backlash in the future. However, my decision not to help the man was not driven by concerns of potential backlash. In fact, besides these two cases, I have successfully changed the destinies of many other people. I'll share it again in the future, so you understand the power of divination. So, whether it's a "dead hexagram" or not sometimes depends on the skill and willingness of the diviner to offer assistance.

In conclusion, readers should understand that divination is primarily used for prediction, which is just the most basic function. Divination should be seen as a "tool" rather than a mere "function." At least, that's the principle of the Celestial School.

So now, how on earth did I manage to change the fate of this lady who was facing a doomed divorce? I'll share it next time...

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