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How much discount they can give?

Yesterday, a client ask me to cast for him regarding a business deal. He is looking to purchase something and wanted to ask for a price bargain. The supplier is a large company, and my client thinks not to offend the supplier by asking for unreasonable discounts. The question now is, how much is reasonable? Your answer can be only be told when you use WWG on this. So, as usual, I cast and I got this hexagram.

I ask him, how much do you want to get a discount for? My client is very conservative, he told me 3%, which is to take off $1700. I then told him, you can certainly ask for more. He said, no way. His supplier is a big company and not willing to do that. I told him not to worry and his supplier can give you a discount of up to $7000. So, he is a little bit sceptical but still plans to ask for a bargain price at $7000. Before he hung up, I told him to request more amount. I said, your supplier can give you a discount of up to $7000. But that does not mean they will give you that amount of discount. Instead, ask for a 17% discount, which is equivalent to about $10,000. Once you make this offer, they will counter you an offer at about $7000. So, he did as I said. This morning, he told me his supplier gave him a discount of $6800.

So, from $1700 to $6800. He earns an extra $5100. That is the real value of divination.

How do I know this? Asset line moves at kun trigram that is from the upper trigram. That is the amount of 17% come from. This asset line is turning into the parent line as a caging, and the parent line enters into line five and transforms into the officer line. (caging is getting returning generation). So, this means that 17% is only a way to break through the negotiation. And the amount of $7000 comes from the offspring line that is hidden under the asset line, which is also located at the upper trigram. This is where the real deal came from. So, how do I know this big company willing to give a discount, which is not their common corporate practice? This is because the object line is holding the asset line.

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