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I Ching - Business Profit (KW Oracle #033)

Updated: May 24, 2020

Case Study 033: I Ching to evaluate the profitability of a new venture

Mr A is a grower and had removed the crops recently due to bad market demand. He has a friend who is running a tea seed oil business. This friend suggests Mr A to start planting on camellia oleifera. Now, Mr A wants to know is this having a good profitable market.

Question: Would it a profitable business if I plant camellia tree for tea seed oil?

Setting: Self-Mr A; Object-Tea seed; ME-Wealth, Offspring (Customer base)


1. Line one Sibling-Yin-wood transformed into Offspring-Si-fire and generates to self-Asset-Chen

➡️ A profitable business, however, it has to spend before can be making a profit.

2. Hidden-spirit parent (void, but can be filled) generate flying-spirit sibling

➡️ Apparently, this business will need to keep investing. There isn't really such one-time investment in this business.

3. Hidden-hexagram clash with offspring-Wu.

➡️ The more you invest (spending), the bigger your customers base will be.

4. Offspring-Si-fire in restriction-combo with object-line

➡️ Clients need your products (means there is a market demand), but clients not really satisfied with your product.

5. Object-line holding asset-line, 3 appearances of offspring-line

➡️ Shouldn't be limited to yourself as only tea seed oil. There are many sub-products can be produced to feed the market from the new crop. There are many different type of incomes that can be generated with this business.

Feedback and suggestion:

Mr A proceeds with the planning and making good money. In the meantime, he always comes back to make a cast whenever he needs to make any decision. A month later, he came back to make one more cast.








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