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Skincare & Cosmetic Does Boost Up Your Wealth/Love/Career too!

Don't just purchase the skincare or cosmetics products only according to your age, your skin, effects and ingredients, and the price!

You should have to look at one more factor which will be helping on your marriage, your income, your career or even your family. (aka Luck)

The 5 elements of the skincare cosmetics would definitely something you need to go for from now on. Especially for you that using makeup heavily.

Before we jump in into it, let’s start warming up a little bit with the five elements of the alphabet.

In the Chinese’s I-Ching culture, it pays attention to “Shape abstraction”. Which means the attributes of anything in the world are pretty much defined according to shapes or images or sounds that what we may see or hear. Therefore, the five- elements attributes of letters were “shaped” according to the styles and vowels.

Majority of companies have logos. So we may look at the pictorial marks as the main reading. Following with the lettermark or wordmark logo.

The innate five elements of skincare and cosmetics products are fire element. As in I-Ching, beautiful are belongs to fire.

Let’s now dive in further to see what brands suits you the best in order to shine you up better.

Kindness Heart of Wood element

L'Oréal was founded in 1907. L'Oréal Group is one of the largest cosmetics company in the world today:

L'Oreal's trademark begins with the letter of "L" and ends with "L" too. The five -elements of "L" are wood. Wood generates fire in 5-elements cycle. As I had mentioned up above those cosmetics products itself belongs to fire elements. As a wood-based branding company, L'Oreal able to directly produces a positive outcome in the beauty industry. And according to its logo. The Wood is prosperous which make it become a leader in the cosmetics industry.

In addition, there is a very obvious "O" in L’Oreal. This "O" is Earth elements. 5-elements basic also mentioning that Fire elements produce Earth element. This brings up the meaning that L’Oreal is able to carry the reputation and wealth brought by this industry after it has flourished. Not everyone would be able to handle the fame and wealth after bring prospered.

Therefore, it will be the best to use L'Oroeal if you life structure needs elements of "WOOD" for your luck!Therefore, it will be best to use L'Oroeal if your life structure needs elements of "WOOD" for your luck!

Perfect for Metal element that generating Water element

Procter & Gamble was founded in 1837. This American company started out as a soap maker and won a military contract during the American Civil War.

The White colour alphabets "P&G" then layer up on the blue background. The letter of "P" and letter "G", together with the white wording design, are all the Metal element. The whole constitutes the mutual pattern of Metal producing Water. Which making their business development greater than others.

This making their product will be the best fit for you if your life structure needed Metal and Water elements.

The Stabiliser of Earth Element

From the letter "E" of Estée Lauder. You could see the image looks and feels stable as the horizontal bottom and upper line lift up the whole letter. This is the "shaped" abstract as I've mentioned above. Stable from I-Ching is the Earth element.

There are four Es in the LOGO of Estee Lauder. This making the logo having a strong perception of the Earth element. The innate five elements of the cosmetics industry are the Fire element. Fire element produce Earth element. And Earth element able to bear many difficulties in naturally. Therefore, they could handle the reputation and wealth brought by the cosmetics industry.

If your life structure need to have Earth element. Estée Lauder will be the best for you.

The Metal that Producing Water

The letter "U" from Unilever is a typical Metal element. The base colour of the logo is Blue which is the Water element. Therefore, the logo creating a smooth generating progress which is the Metal producing the Water. In addition, the wordmark "shaped" like water flowing. This making the Water element much more obvious and adding more Water-like element.

Products of Unilevel will be good products for you in terms of increasing your luck. It will benefit you if you need Metal and Water elements in your life structure.

The Wood & Fire Elements

Brands like Dior, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Sephora, Kenzo belongs to LVHM. Apparently, The five elements of "L" and "H" are both Wood. While the five elements of "H" and "M" and both Fire.

If you need Wood and Fire element in your life structure. The products carry by LVMH will definitely something for you.

The wood element represents a heart of benevolence, is the symbol of fair ladies and gentlewomen. so LVMH's logo is very consistent with this theory. This making their branding fits exactly to the market.

While the Fire element is a symbol of charming. Fire element is the innate element in cosmetic products. This letting women becoming more attractive unconsciously with the aid from the Logo Feng Shui.

The Water & Fire Elements that Charms you up!

Coco Chanel, the founder of the brand Chanel in 1910 in Paris, France. Currently, it is an independent brand with the same branding name for its clothing, jewellery, accessories, cosmetics and perfume.

The Chanel's logo is a combination of double C and crosses within each other. The crossing C making the Fire element becomes much consolidates. The Fire element symbolising the vitality and charm of a woman.

This logo was designed in different approach but equally satisfactory result with I-Ching. You can see from the upper and lower part from the pictorial mark are wave manifolds, which are representative of water. This Chanel logo is the shape of success from I-Ching, which is the Water-Fire JiJi Hexagram (Hexagram 63).

Water element restrain on Fire element. How would this logo doesn't affect on the 5 elements life cycle? Before Chanel, all above logo does generating to each other. Let me tell you why.

First, as I have said earlier. It makes the logo great is they designed the logo according to the success hexagram in I-Ching. Coincidentally? Perhaps it is. However, from Feng Shui perspective. This does making them go further.

Secondly is from the perspective of the letters, CHANEL has a strong wooden intention, because of the letters of "H, N, L". In addition, these letters are dominated vertically

Therefore, the wood element is very strong. The wood had offset the Water element that planning to restrain on the Fire element. As the Water now is producing to the Wood, making Wood generating to the Fire. The forming of a continuous phase of energy. Therefore, development has prospects, stamina and motivation.

As this is a very energetic branding. This brand may suits you if you are a women in business. It will model you into a very charming fair lady.

Remember, there is no such single element will be a good Feng Shui in overall. People often doing the same mistake which thinks that a good Feng Shui or items could benefit every single person in the world.

Let's say others need Metal for her wealth, but Metal may hurt your wealth if you use Metal. Also, Assuming Metal is good for your Wealth, but it may hurt your career at the same time.

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