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Weak Day Master benefit from support 身弱需要幫扶, Really??

Alright, so there's this thing in Bazi called "strong and weak Day Master 身強身弱”. This is a commonly used term, but what exactly does it signify? While various methods exist to determine this, the most widely accepted approach involves examining the relationship between the Day Master and the Monthly Branches. If the Month Branch peers with or generates the Day Master, that's strong; otherwise, it's weak (examples include DM being restricted by Month, Month being restricted by DM, and DM generating Month). Some refer to this as the "Zi Ping Ba Zi" method. However, for now, let's not dwell on whether this method is accurate or not, let's proceed assuming it is.

So, if you possess a weak Day Master, what actions should you take? And if you're strong, what's the deal? First, let's define what strong and weak Day Master even mean. It's like, what's their deal? To illustrate, imagine a Bazi chart teeming with whole lots of Rob Wealth or Friend stars, such a configuration could suggest potential financial challenges. That's the role of the Rob Wealth or Friend star. But what about the roles of strong and weak Day Master? For now, I'll abstain from sharing my perspective on this matter, and let's skip that second part.

Okay, cut to the chase. What do you need if you're strong in Day Master, and what if you're weak? At this point, I think most of us would pretty much agree: individuals with a weak Day Master could benefit from support 身弱需要幫扶, whereas those with a strong Day Master might need to moderate their efforts 身強需要制洩. In essence, those with a strong Day Master might require fiscal and professional pressure (Wealth and Officer elements 財官 can temper a strong DM), while individuals with a weak Day Master could benefit from camaraderie and guidance from elder figures (Rob Wealth and Friend stars, along with Resources Star, can assist a weak DM). No one's really gonna argue with that, right? It just makes sense. But, hang on…

Now, here's the kicker. While the concept of weak individuals seeking assistance and strong ones finding balance makes intuitive sense, but don't get too carried away. Think about it, have you ever seen someone who's like totally powerless but still surrounded by a bunch of shady characters? These individuals have people, friends, and elders around them who ONLY drain their energy and resources WITHOUT offering meaningful help. Recognise such scenarios? In light of this, does that whole "weak DM needs help 身弱需要幫扶" idea still hold up in these cases? Probably not. This question could leave you pondering if we aren't merely arguing for argument's sake.

So here's the thing: "weak DM needs help" doesn't solely translate to a requirement for companionship (in the form of Rob Wealth/Friend stars) and guidance from elders (represented by Resources stars). And the same goes for strong DM. That whole "strong DM needs to be moderated 身強需要制洩" thing, that's kinda problematic too. In reality, the friends and elders surrounding a weak Day Master might not necessarily be beneficial, and an abundance of power 官 and wealth 財 doesn't automatically guarantee success for a strong Day Master.

So, here's the deal. Is determining strong and weak Day Master really just about the relationship between the Day Master and the Month Branch? Short answer: not really. That's kinda like getting a few Bazi right but totally missing the mark on most. If we're getting a bit more advanced, saying that the Month Branch determines strong and weak DM is just plain wrong! To really nail down whether someone's strong or weak, you need at least three steps of somewhat accurate judgment. So, if we struggle to pinpoint the exact methodology for identifying strong and weak Day Masters, jumping to the third step and saying "weak DM need help" just doesn't hold water.

That's why so many barely walk till the end on this Bazi stuff, they start off on the wrong foot. Next time you hear someone spout off about how weak DM need a hand, take a closer look at whether the people around them are actually useful or just hanging around. I mean, really, do some proper stats, don't just count one or two instances as proof. This is where a substantial number of people misconstrue the essence of Chinese Metaphysics.

Furthermore, this serves as one of the reasons why the "blind school 盲派” doesn't bother with the whole strong and weak thing. They consider it a spurious theory because, even without incorporating the strong and weak Day Master concept, their Bazi readings remain accurate. But don’t get fooled by that! There's actually something to this strong and weak Day Master stuff. Getting rid of this analysis method doesn't fully prove that strong and weak DM are just nonsense. Anyway, I'll talk more about it another time.

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