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You KNOW you are on the edge of change and are ready to take the leap once you landed on this page. Buckle up then!

Once you invest in yourself, this is what I promise to give you

Life Coaching

The most comprehensive and complete life-changing consulting packages.

Total Coaching Session 300 minutes.


Predict 20 Questions


4 times Feng Shui arrangement. 

  • A personalised in-depth 1:1 coaching plan tailored to your exact life and business needs, for YOU to check-off on. A.K.A, Unlock Your Potential, Call Out Your Boss Hiding inside.

  • 10 x 30 minutes 1:1 private coaching sessions over the empowering session of 6 months.

  • Get an insanely unfair advantage which let you simulate all your thought before you take on the action. A.K.A predict the future.

  • 20 x Questions to predict during the 6 months coaching.

  • Regulate your House and Office Feng Shui that is tailored to your achievement needs.

  • 2 x On the first time Feng Shui on your house and office.

  • 2 x On the Feng Shui fine-tuning on your house and office after 30 days of the first arrangement.

  • Unlimited message and voice support so we can chat about any and all things relating to your journey, life, and business (Coaching suppose to be fun.)

  • Unlimited feedback and audits on anything relating to your business, including (but not limited to): Strategy, Online Marketing, Business Development, Copywriting, Product Launches, Research, Private Life, Ideas… We are in this 100% together!

  • Exclusive FREE preview access to any of my course and program launches during our time together if applicable.

  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: FREE Lifetime access to ------ (Let me surprise you when you are about to pay, I very appreciate with those paying in Full)

What You Can Expect to get at the end of this Coaching


Make yourself to the top.

I've done it.

So you will with the proven System

  1. Increase Your Income!

  2. Remove all the barrier and Stabilise your career!

  3. Maximise the benefits you are in the planning!

You Will Also Get These Unfair advantages!

  1. You will Unlock the secret of know-how to gain your wealth regardless of any industries.

  2. You will Unlock the secret to Work Stressless, but still achieving your mission.

  3. You will Remove All Unfavourable Person and Things away from you. 

  4. You will Unlock for a happy Mariage Life.

  5. You will get the Fast Track Pass for your life journey.

Your INvestment:

$6000 USD

Or Monthly Payment Plan of $1200 USD for 6 months

Serious Inquiries Only.

Your application will undergo a screening process and is subject to be declined. Thanks!

Often times we over-estimate what we can achieve,

but under-estimate how much we can do.

If you want to finally create massive change in your life,

I look forward to reading your application, Big Boss!

I understand that sometimes a comprehensive system may not what you are looking for at this moment.

Here I can do you another favour.

Pick up only either one from the below for your own investment.

Don't worry, It will still working perfectly fine even not taking up the package plan.

Destiny Running AK Guru

Destiny Reading

30 minutes

$100 USD

Understand what will be the best action to take in the current decade Luck.

Understand what the best income source in the current decade luck. So you won't go for the long way.

Remove poor trap in the annual luck reading. So you could stand up till the last.

Your Better Life Is Waiting With This Click

Magic Hand.jpg


30 minutes

$50 USD

Clear out everything you are in doubt.

How much exactly the maximum amount can I negotiate in order to get the deal?

What is the exact lower price amount your competitor is offering?​

A & B, which benefits me the most?

Who is the boss behind this event?

Your Better Life Is Waiting With This Click

Red Bull Feng Sui booster AK guru

Feng Shui

2 Trips

Price Vary

Boost up and increase your income. Here where's the magic comes.

Tailoring Feng Shui that suits only for your destiny!

This is not a general Feng Shui arrangement.

I can help with just starting from regulating ONLY your Bedroom or ONLY your working cubicle.

Instead of regulating for the whole area.

Your Better Life Is Waiting With This Click

Bazi Reading
Divination Reading
FS Regulating

Still can't make up your mind?

That's OK.

Contact Me Now for an absolutely FREE Session NOW

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