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A Snippet of the Six-kinships of WWG

The sixty-four hexagram that we see is basically sixty-four kinds of environmental simulation, which includes to time and space; before we generated a certain hexagram from the coins, the characteristics of the time and space, perception, behaviour, mentality, and how the trend is going to move on are all first needed to be endowed. No matter a hexagram is getting divergent or contrary, it always has a specific tendency which describes it’s temperament. A transformed hexagram is a changing of environment. That is the reason why do some diviners able to elaborate the reading very delicately and vividly? It is very important to understand clearly what the six kinships are representing. let’s see what is the attributes to read in WWG.


this is a kind of aura of elegance, personality, and personality orientation, and having the meaning of genetic genes. Parents always inherit their own genetic and influenced their child personalities, and the strength of the lines can usually mean how the genetic get influenced. Therefore, in the purple star astrology, the parents' palace is used as the palace to read of inheritance and appearance.

Parent-line is also a specific line of wisdom, mind, memory, imagination, analysis, inspiration, creativity, resilience, self-control. Whether a person can be self-control, parent-line can tell the answer.


It is a position of competition which could lead to exhausting of resources, and also leads to tattling. Although the sibling-line represents tattling. It can also be said that it is a specific line that inspecting a romantic relationship. or choosing the right friends, seeking partners, knowing others, interpersonal relationships and skills. It also can be used to inspect the various situations of how a person getting along with others. Are they good in loyalty? How is their attitude towards others, or whether they always build enemies.

A man who is holding a prosperous sibling-line, they often being lustful, or having discord with their partners/spouse, or like to deprive other’s girlfriend, or hurt their wife. If a woman who gets sibling-moving-line, and if the sibling-line is prosperous, it means will be meeting up someone who come and destroy her own relationship. If the woman is self-holding sibling-line, it becomes that she is easy to be a man lover! When we put sibling-line in feng shui, it means entrance, vented area, or a bathroom, or a wall.


Offspring-line is the element that could restrain to officer-line, which is to relieve worries and to avoid disasters. It slays down officer-line. Because offspring are those that unruly, like to be unconstrained and playful, therefore, it is bad for those who asked something for career or fame/reputation. If a querent gets this, It means that they don’t really putting the afford on their work, or it could mean their capability couldn't get exert. But this is having an exception if someone who is in sales-line.


It would be about marriage or financial matters if the person who asked is a man. Normally, The possession of goods, jewellery, and all the goods are also classified as asset-line. During a war or business competition, asset-line can be implemented as a ploy or bribery strategy. In academically wise, it means science subjects, like physics, and mathematics. When asked about the stock market, it represents cash flow. The highest the line index is, the larger a trading volume is, and hidden-moves means someone buying the fund before the market is open!


Everything that controls me falls into this category. The officer-line can be extended to underworld path. It can also see it as the family hall, or the altar of gods and ghosts, temples.

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A.K Guru
A.K Guru
Nov 27, 2020

Not yet explained on the sixth-kinships. Too long article, will explain in the future.


Nicholas Kris
Nicholas Kris
Nov 26, 2020

I don't understand.. There are only five here... Parent, sibling/brother, kid/offspring/children, Asset/wealth Officer Where is the sixth?

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