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Chaotic Hexagram

In our system, we have a word left from our school’s grandmaster. He told us,

" It is difficult to become a good teacher without knowing what is the chaotic hexagram. "

In our disciple stage, to graduate one’s apprenticeship. We not only need to know how to differentiate a chaotic hexagram, the disciple will also need to know how to spot out any wrong hexagram.

P/S: Chaotic hexagram and Wrong hexagram are 2 different concepts, even though the noun seems similar.

In our own school. We have books left from our ancestors which passing to us as an “assignment” to be done before we can call our self a teacher. This assignment includes some of the classical that need us to point out the wrong interpretation. It can be said is a test to let us know how deep is our level when interpreting the gua (hexagram) in real-life.

But today I’m not planning to talk anything about the school where I come from. The topic for this is about chaotic hexagram. I won’t be surprised if many wouldn’t know what is a chaotic hexagram. I mean the concept of this, not the noun. Many King Wen Oracle users or I Ching users not even realise the existence and importance of this matter.

To explain the chaotic hexagram. Perhaps I should elaborate like this.

No matter how and what method we cast. There will be definitely coming out a hexagram. Either with original or transform hexagram.

But how many of you here ever thought about this?

Since no matter how we cast, the hexagrams will 100% be generated. What if the hexagram doesn't appear to have any valid information?

To make it laymen, just like communication between you and me.

Is that I must answer to your call? WHO said that I must answer to somebody?

I can guarantee that many of you here experienced this. You completely ignore the messages that someone sent to you or refused to pick up somebody call.

So, Why on earth you are expected to get an answer whenever you cast?

If you never thought about this or experienced this. What I can say is you probably not cast enough yet. In another word, the chaotic hexagram is a hexagram that carrying invalid information or the wrong information. It means nothing inside the hexagram.

If you still don’t think that chaotic hexagram is something true. Let me elaborate to you again.

As a professional diviner. You charge $100 per cast on I Ching or the King Wen Oracle, or even tarot. or whatever. To make a fair living. You need to make somewhere at least $60,000 annually. It means you need to cast 600 cases per year.

Do you really think that all of this 600 cases will always be carrying valid info?

All of these 600 cases is 100% showing you the answer?

Bear in mind, this is only 600 cast per year. If you are making this for living. You will cast for 10 years, 20 years. By that time, how many thousands of cases you already cast. With this thousands of thousands. All of them carrying valid info? Don’t be too innocent. It will be a miracle if anyone can confirm all of the thousands of hexagrams do carrying valid info.

Any professional job, regardless of any industries. Once you handling thousands of cases. You will definitely be having something strange in some cases. And if you telling me you see nothing. It means you did not even realise what is invalid info from the hexagram. In another word, Is either you don’t follow up with your cases. Or you predict it in a dodgy way.

There are some essential techniques to use in order to point out the chaotic hexagram. Once you found out there is a chaotic hexagram. You need to repeat the same casting. The last few % that making the accuracy increasing is to spot out the chaotic hexagram and solve them out. Where is the 100% accuracy that I always emphasizing coming from? Now, this is one of the top-secret.

That is why in our school, our founding father leaves these messages to us.

" a truly qualified teacher will never be crafted if can’t spot out the chaotic hexagram. "

Theoretically, every single of the hexagrams will be carrying valid info. But when comes into real-life practice, that is nearly impossible to happen. One of the heart-breaking things in this Chinese astrology is, many people are not having a true scientist spirit. Basically, every theory seems to logic and feels valid. But the truth is, the theory will only become valid until it comes to thousands of real-life testing progress. How many of the scholars in this industry nowadays really go for a serious test and error progress? Well, you know and I know. I sincerely wish that all of the “scholars” or “teachers”, perhaps go with a strict test first before you stand firm with your arguments. A strict test means it has to be at least 500 cases and above with a constant testing SOP.

Seems like I’m getting far away from my topic. Let’s come back to the chaotic hexagram. Let me reveal one of the methods to spot out the chaotic hexagram.

First of all, you need to understand what is the principle of indicating a hexagram. This is another big topic where I’m not going to share it here. It will be making me non-stop writing if I keep out of the topic. Basically, it means you need to understand how can a hexagram is being indicated with the valid info. This indicating of hexagram can be understood like this. Simply said,

  1. Hexagram answer according to your questions.

  2. You can explain very well from the hexagram.

To explain in very laymen terms. it means the universe will answer your questions according to what you are asking.

For instance.

You ask the universe,

" Can you make a good income if you run an online shop selling dog food.?"

Basically, you will get these following answer.

  1. Yes or No

  2. If yes, How much? More than your expectation or lower than your expectation? Any other details to look for?

  3. If No, Why NO?

This is exactly how you consult with any business consultant or strategist. The way you consult and communicate with the universe will be also the same. If you disagree with this. Then what are you casting since ages ago? You did not get the answer from the hexagram, mate!

In King Wen Oracle, or I Ching. It is the same procedures. Just that in King Wen Oracle, this system has given you a free tool to start your prediction. Which are the Self-line and so-called useful-spirits (用神). In most of the cases, we will start to interpret from these two cores. So, if we can’t get the modal from the procedures, it is classified as “general chaotic of hexagram”.

Let me show you one recent case where I am giving a free divination in one of the Facebook group.

This lady is currently pregnant and asks me if the baby a boy or a girl?

This is a very easy question. I think many who learn King Wen Oracle can speak out the answer easily.

But how many of you here realise this issue?

The useful-spirits shall be Offspring (Child in this plotter) 子孫爻?

or fetus line (胎爻)?

and some may even use the second line as the useful-spirit.

If we never know what is the thought of the diviners, do you really think that you know what is in his mind?

You might think that he is employing offspring as useful-spirits. But can he use fetus line instead? He can right?


Don’t be innocent! You are not the diviner that responding to the querent.

P/S: All of the above are correct and can be use as useful-spirits. But a different useful-spirits will end up different and huge outcome.

That is why the querent needs to be linked with the diviner so that the universe knows to provide you with the valid info on the offspring or on the fetus line. Or even on the second line. All right, I am about out of topic again. Ignore this if you don’t understand what am I talking over here. But if you are experienced enough, you shall understand what am I talking.

Let’s assume you already asked me about the setting. You now understand that I am employing offspring line as useful-spirit. Let’s see what we have from the hexagram.

  • 1st: This hexagram is hidden under straight to the restriction spirit(剋神), the Parent line.

  • 2nd: Wealth line and sibling line is moving

  • 3rd: the most important message, self-line(the querent) is not “obtaining” the offspring line (the baby). (the “obtaining” here is one of our unique technique call “gain and lost” method, ignore this first).

So, you see from the 3 messages, do you think that this baby is in a healthy condition as according to the hexagram?

Simply said. You are asking the genders of the baby. What’s makes so difficult that the hexagram is not telling the message directly?

If you still can’t get me. Let’s turn yourself into the hospital now.

You ask the doctor what is the gender of your baby. You expect a simple answer, Boy or Girl. Or perhaps twins.

But right now, the doctor is not directly telling you the answer for an hour of conversation. Won’t you feel that something seems not right?

Since you are so sure that the core of this explanation is about the offspring line. But it seems like the answer is given irrelevant. This is what we call the chaotic hexagram. You can’t keep explaining from the hexagram with what you “feel” or what you “think” it shall be like this. Please don’t make any guess on divination. This is Accountable to others and also responsible for your own. Many of the divination ends up as a cheating case because of someone trying to explaining something barely not making sense.

In this real-life example, we called it is a general term of the chaotic hexagram. In our syllabus, we have another narrower term of the chaotic hexagram. However, the logic to spot out the chaotic hexagram is not that difficult. Not logic, it means not logic to keep going.

So to conclude. How did you see the people over the internet trying to "help" for the explanation? Make sense? Or you are also one of them that actually taking a guess game while performing divination activities?

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A.K Guru
A.K Guru
Apr 01, 2020

Welcome to the WWG community. I’m not sure how obvious a chaotic hexagram will be if using the text method. IMO, Text method explanation tends to be something quite subjective. For instance, for someone else, if they fee like wanting to make the interpretation valid, they will try to fit the text outcome to the real-life. no matter how unreasonable is the hexagram. For them, they tend to believe nothing is not answerable. This is where the subjective and ambiguous part started. Every tool has it limitations, including this so-called super I Ching (not sure why people like to name this as super after knowing their function. in fact, many divination methods can perform better than the text method, not only…


Nicholas Kris
Nicholas Kris
Mar 31, 2020

i am a newbie on Cartomancy Tarot and Bibliomancer (using Bible) and I Ching classic method (Yao Text). often that if God doesn't give me the correct and direct answer, it means that I must change my question. Or God wants me to look another direction. Sometimes i paraphrase my questions. Because good question is half problem answered.

i conclude from my experience when the dices i use seem don't give the results to be interpreted then it means my mind or my question is not in sync with what God wants me to get..

i am looking for a teacher of Na Jia method. I am interested in Alex Chiu but as I am not Chinese native, th…

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