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Common fault of a diviner

Let's talk about the common fault of a diviner.

When we first approach divination or any Chinese metaphysics subject (Yes, I mean including Bazi or Feng Shui). It normally will be having these two kinds of situations. The first situation is to believe whatever his teacher and his school saying. This is normally classified as a belief from ignorance that fear of being not able to get "genuine" knowledge from his teacher. ("superstitious" act). While another situation is that being a jack of all trades.

Now, the first kind of students will be easily getting their own self into a situation. It could be a blind lead other blinds, which all shall fall into a ditch. Some teachers are great in teaching, but when we talk about a real-life application, his theory will become vulnerable. It always sounds logic during the class, but it always getting the error when we practice the theory. It may sound not fair if we paid for a lesson but learning something incomplete. But if we look at it from our consumer perspective, they are actually the victim as they paid for something defect (with believing that the service we provide will bring them quality life). This situation will become much worst when we using divination or feng shui to tell people what to do. It could possibly end up letting our client become more worse before looking for us. And the ironic part here is, the diviner and the feng shui master did not even realise he had just done something terribly wrong and still plausibly to argue with others. This is really bad.

The second type of students is they sceptical to every method that they are learning. Then they tried to blend up all the method. This normally leads to another big problem. We can easily see this when people are confusing about the method they are using, then they will start to find alternative "solutions". But due to another "solution" are also not that convincing, they will go with their own "intuition" that starting to do all the mixed and match.

And of course, there is also another type of students who believe that there is only one method that able to conquer the divination world or feng shui world. They believe that with the method he is using or learning at this moment is the most powerful. This is actually also not realistic enough. I often say that, no matter what we learn or who we learn with. Everything has to be in line with reality. Divination and feng shui is not just theory and imagination.

Every method must exist with its advantage and disadvantage. One-sided support to any of the method will only let us being trap inside a blindspot. We need to understand what is the limitation of the method that we are currently learning or using. It always must be having its disadvantages. Once we truly understand the disadvantages, then we can go on with another method that able to cover the disadvantages. For example, using numbering numerology + divination both together.

being credulity normally leads to 3 kinds of results. One is they "think" they already learned and mastered the knowledge. and another one is they understand they not really mastering the subject, and they don't dare to use it (especially in crucial decision-making stage), but they dare to use it to conduct classes. and the last one is they thought they are mastering the skill, and giving classes to people. (but it still doesn't work when we put them all in practice because the knowledge is still an incomplete knowledge)

All of these three could be happening simply because we learned, but we never verified. Learned, then verified, then you can only stand firm that this is a genuine knowledge. Understand the limitation of your method is the proper learning attitude.

And also, to verify is not about someone personal experiences. Verified means a proper verification that has to go with rigorous steps and it needs to be at least 50-100 cases per testing subject. That is called proper testing and verification. Taking own experiences that accumulated from reading books or public resources and claim that it has verified is something very cheap act. That is why the divination and feng shui world is in a mess.

Fake teacher or genuine teacher?

Fake knowledge or genuine knowledge?

It is always too earlier to tell until we come with tons of verification.

The above was just my own view and please don't take it personally.


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