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A new I Ching WWG book for English reader

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Smell it… The new book scent!

Finally, A new Wen Wang Gua book has arrived…

But I have already approach I Ching text for years... Why Wen Wang Gua? That is because WWG can provide the thing you need and it can only be done by WWG.

Is WWG merely a fortune-telling system? If you think that it is only a fortune-telling system. Then you have not really gone into the meat yet. Fortune-telling is only the appetiser of WWG. If you want to understand your problems, how things happen, why things don't go with your expectation. You have to try WWG.

Many say that WWG can use to predict a football match. Yes, it can. And it can be very precise too. Like telling you something a 3-0 result. However, using WWG to predict a football match is too superficial. What you can do with the match result? Instead, WWG should be using to see the weakness of my opponent and see how is the progress of the match. That is the essence of divination.

But WWG seems very complicated... Let me tell you what. Wen Wang Gua is not complicated if you understand the principles. It is only complicated if you never learn from the key factors. There are laws inside the I Ching, this is what I called the hexagram principles. We need to learn this principle in order to understand how to read the hexagram.

That is why I have this book for you. A newly publish I Ching WWG book. Learning WWG is just like learning mathematics. It looks complicated with the equations. But all in all, it is still adding, misusing, multiplying and dividing.

This book will give you an entirely different view of divination. Many concepts that you never heard before. Not only this, I have included many secrets law into this book. The I Ching book that you never read before. (Which means it could inspire your textbase divination skill too)

What are you waiting for? Go and get a copy of this new book now. Hurry up! Go!

(if you like this book after the reading, write a good review there... There might be some surprises...)

You can buy paperback copy and ebook copy at the below website:

US$21.90 → paperback

US$9.90 → ebook


Amazon UK (This site has a reader review, look for it)

Amazon Canada

Amazon Spain

Amazon Australia

Barnes and Noble

Other online stores:

(Only ebooks available)


Google play

Barnes and Noble

Rakuten Kobo



Angus & Robertson

Mondadori Store

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3 comentarios

realistic one
realistic one
11 abr 2021

usa amazon listed the price as $250. you might want to fix that.

Me gusta
A.K Guru
A.K Guru
12 abr 2021
Contestando a

Amazon has just updated the price to $21.90.

Me gusta
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