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I Ching is a divination tool, but can't predict a virus? How ironically!

Let me make something very clear from the very beginning of this article:

This article is to share the knowledge on application to the I Ching. It shall not be replacing any of the medical treatment. Also, I am not here to discuss why we should use I Ching rather than go for a proper medical. I Ching (or divination) and medical are 2 different forms. Do not mix them up in real-life. If you are physically sick, divination CAN'T heal you.

The reason I write this is to raise up your own awareness about the I Ching that you have been using since probably 30 years ago. I am not a fan to I Ching text method or the Zhou Yi 《周易》. One of the reason is. The text method has too much limitation that many things can't be predicted. In some divination school, I always hear about people say, "NOTHING IS UNPREDICTABLE". Especially in King Wen Oracle (Wen Wang Gua 文王卦) or The mystical gates and the hidden shields (Qi Men Dun Jia 奇門遁甲). But I really never hear anyone says about this to the Zhou Yi method.

I have thrown some question over social media. Sadly speaking, I Ching is not really in full force application. And I can say if this trend keeps going. The true divination of I Ching will become a "legend" after 100 years from now. Probably after another 100 years. The true divination will "upgrade" to become a myth. Which means by that time, people won't believe I Ching anymore. Because the technique used has been "overrated" by the ancient people. And we are the ancient people to them by that time.

The coronavirus outbreak seems to be losing control. Especially in the west, the infections are still accelerating, it has yet to experience the pandemic’s full force. But our life still needs to keep moving on. We can't stop working and we need to keep meeting with the people. How do you know you are so "lucky" to get picked by the god.

You see, if you having the covid-19 symptoms. At this moment, you are in a 50-50 situation. Either you are only getting normal flu, or you are the lucky one. So, if you are in the 50% of normal flu, then you can be self-heal. But what making you so worry is that you probably are the 50% of the unlucky one. Many people get infected only after they see the doctor. The virus spread to anyone from the hospital. (Not all, some may still safe after seeing the doctor) You not sure should you go to the hospital, or stay home self-quarantine for 14 days.

You fall into such a dilemma. What if you just normal flu, but if you visit the hospital. you become the unlucky one. Not just in the virus case. In fact, many people always letting their own self fall into such a deadly situation by not properly using the wisdom of the divination.

Many giving a response to immediately seek advice from the doctor. But again, do not mix up divination and medical treatment. I personally very agree to seek medical advice if fall into physical sickness. Let me remind you again here. They are 2 different forms. We are now discussing how to perfectly fit in I Ching into a deadly situation. If you can't make it. Then this I Ching will probably be going to end up as a myth as what I said.

To make you much clear about both matter (the divination and the medical advice) should be in 2 separate forms.

Let me ask you again here. How do you know the people you meet later this afternoon (or yesterday) is actually a positive carrier? The incubation period can take up to 14 days. No one gets to know he is the lucky one until he is certified by the doctor. But the problem here, you already shake his hand and rub your eye during the meeting. That is why many countries started to get spread real quick.

Let me ask you one more assumption. You need to make a necessary travelling. You will only cancel or postpone your flight if you know someone being positive will be on board "earlier". From here, How do you get the "earlier" information? how do you know and who the hell in the world can tell you someone infected is in fact sitting at the back row of you? You get my question now?

However, let's just come back to I Ching. I know many people who did not learn King Wen Oracle before will be doubting with what am I saying. Like I mentioned in this article earlier. Have I overrated the I Ching? Maybe in your mind is: "I think (or I strongly think) Alfred must have overstated the I Ching divination."

Again, as I am not a fan of the text method. And also I came to know that the text method can't predict this kind of matter (deadly) accurately. So, I will only show you how to read if a person is infected with the extended I Ching method. which is the King Wen Oracle (Wen Wang Gua).

To read this message from King Wen Oracle are so much easy. As I always say, a prediction is in fact an easy task. You shouldn't take this as a challenge. In fact, you should put your effort into learning how to provide a solution. If you were looking for accuracy in your whole life, (worst is, you are still looking how to read I Ching consistently before you even speak accuracy) probably you are not in the right learning path.

Before I show you how to read, let me show you 3 cases from my side regarding the coronavirus. Don't worry about the terminology of the King Wen Oracle in this article. If you keen to learn all this terminology, you can go to my YouTube channel to learn the introductory class. It is a paid content offer by others, but I give it free. If you wanted to go further from introductory. Contact me for a paid course. At the end of this article, I will show you how to read the coronavirus it in a very simple way.

This case is one of my clients who suspects he is infected with the virus. Let's me show you how to read is he infected from this hexagram. That time I am not even really sure what is this virus about yet.

For the virus, I employ "the officer" as a matter element (useful element).

P/S: Line six is holding officer line

"Self-line" is representing my client.

P/S: see the blue S on line six.

From here, first of all. We see "self-line" (the client) is holding the "officer-line" (the virus).

➡️ I already can tell my client he is infected and he needs to go seek for medical advice (I am lucky that I don't meet him personally while casting and do the reading).

Very easy isn't? Quick, nice, and clear. Straight away answering to your question! That is King Wen Oracle.

So what next, from the "self-line". We see that "self-line" is holding Serpent. (guardians line six).

➡️ I read he is now very worried.

Then from the Gen Hexagram, it is a clash hexagram. With this message from the Gen hexagram and the Serpent.

➡️I read it as he is now in an absolutely anxiety situation.

Next, "Self-line" is holding "Yin-Wood 寅木" (Is the Tiger-wood in earthly branches, Not the Yin from the Yin and Yang). Yin Wood is empty (as shown in the day void). But combo with day branches. This makes the Yin-Wood become a hidden moving line.

➡️ I read it as the coronavirus is definitely hidden inside his body now. It is now in the incubation period as shown in the hexagram now.

The truth is, he told me he is only suspecting. Because he heard that the person he had met is a positive carrier. But he has no symptoms yet while he is consulting with me.

So from the visible moving line (line four). It is "sibling-line" transform into "offspring-line". Both of the element will drain and control over the "officer-line" (Watch my YouTube to understand how it works).

➡️ In real life, I read it as he will get heal.

However, from this hexagram, I only realise we currently don't have any vaccine for this virus during that time. "Offspring-line" that suppose to control over the "officer-line" is entering into the month grave. (Month branches, See my YouTube to learn more). But the lucky thing from the hexagram, the "sibling-line" drain out the "officer-line". And the line prosperity is much stronger than the "officer-line". This is a message that he can be healed.

He ends up staying in the hospital and certified as a positive carrier. According to the hexagram, the transformed hexagram is HuoShan Lv (火山旅), the wanderer or the traveller. It is a combo hexagram. (Find out from my YouTube to learn what is combo hexagram). From clash hexagram turns into combo hexagram. and with the visible moving line.

➡️ All these messages are to tell him everything is going to be fine.

I think he is the "first batch" victims. And he is also one of the lucky person that survives from this virus. After consult from the King Wen Oracle, he stops all his meeting and goes to the hospital for proper treatment. He is glad that the virus has not spread from him. And I am also glad that I have stop one person from spreading the virus.


Let see the second case. This guy is having similar symptoms of the virus. He asks me to cast for it. At first, I was asking him to see a doctor instead of making a casting over here. He told me he is much worried that he will 100% get infected if he goes to the hospital.

Again, I am employing "officer-line" as matter element (or useful element).

Apparently, the "self-line" and the "officer-line" has not connected in the hexagram.

➡️ This means he has no sign of infected.

From the line prosperity, it indicating a -8 degree.

➡️ I read as he is now physically weak. Normal illness.

This hexagram also shows a very strong indication that the virus has nothing to do with him. First, the "wealth-line" is in hidden hexagram and it can't come out from the hidden hexagram. This means that the virus has no source (Watch my YouTube to learn this).

➡️ So, the hexagram wanted to tell him no virus detected at all!

On the moving line, It is "Sibling-line" transform into promoting "sibling-line". And there is the "offspring-line" in the hidden hexagram. This "offspring-line" can fly out from the hidden hexagram. and able to restricted on the "officer-line".

➡️ This is again another very obvious message that no virus detected!

So, he had released his tension after this casting. But his family keep on annoying him and want him to go for a check-up. This guy asks my advice again. I said, I don't see any chances of getting an infection from the hospital that he wanted to go. So, he ends up going for an inspection. He is certified negative on this.


Case 3, My very own experience. I need to travel back to my residing country. After watching the news and some of my clients' cases. It does worry me a little bit. So I make a cast to see how safe am I if travel on that date. I got this hexagram.

This hexagram shows something strange. The "officer-line" is an empty condition, and it is in the hidden moving line.

➡️ From this, I read as there is a possibility that a virus carrier will be on board. But according to the hexagram. This is unable to get confirmed yet. It means the carrier is either will be on board or stay at home. But definitely someone with positive already bought the same scheduled flight with me.

(how do I know is happening on board, but not in a cafe? or boarding gate? That's the advance level of King Wen Oracle)

➡️ Also, I see from the airport. It is actually a place that causes the disease from spreading out. So, If I need to go to the airport on that date. I need to take extra precaution.

(Again, How do I see airport from this six-lines? And how do I see virus spread from the airport in this hexagram? This is an advance level technique)

Then I see from the hexagram, the "self-line" is holding "officer-line". But it is in void condition and not moving. This is the part that worries me.

➡️ This will be read as. I will be infected if he is on board.

That is why the "officer-line" is indicated as an "empty-condition", but attaching with the "self-line".

So, right until now. You see, I did not read any message from the "visible moving line" yet. But I already can tell so much fatal information. Do you still think that a hexagram without the moving line has not much to tell about the future? Most of the time, a hexagram with no moving-line, in fact, is also carrying important messages.

Now, if I really need to make an urgent move. Can I take another transportation method instead of flight? Or I change to the next scheduled flight? For ordinary reading, you only know something is dangerous. But you can't find out where is the dangerous come from. How do you want to avoid something real hurt? (in a condition that no matter how hurt is, you still need to go on.)

Look at the ancient Chinese, war is inevitable. But how to keep yourself safe? That is why ZhuGe-Liang and Liu-BoWen are so legendary. They use prediction to solve the problem. Not just "see" to the future. Simply ask your client to avoid the whole event doesn't really provide a valuable solution.

Now you can see. The King Wen Oracle can explain to your needs clearly and straight forward.

You can make a cast like this too. But you will need to know how to plot the chart out. (You can either watch my YouTube to learn them or google a computer-generated King Wen Oracle chart).

Once you have thrown the six times. Then observe the "self-line" and the "officer-line" from the chart. If both lines are connected, it means you are bad luck. Then observe "offspring-line" and "self-line" to see how threatening is your life at this moment. Then observe other-line, including the visible and hidden moving line to read will you be safe at the end.

Simple and easy technique. I can show you how to do it in less than 4 sentences. Can Zhou Yi be done like this? I am not sure and I don't think so. Comment down below if you think you have a better way in the text method. I would love to learn how well can the text method go as well.

Don't let the I Ching become a myth after 200 years. I Ching divination are not suppose to be like this.

This 10 minutes reading article will definitely benefit you if you could understand the technique that I have revealed. In this 10 minutes of reading, I have included many secrets that probably shorten you 5-10 years of the learning period.

Think of the I Ching value that you are learning right now. In real-life decision making, especially come into a crucial stage, what's the real value from the text can be providing? If it can't make simple things answerable very directly and clearly. Why are you still struggling for not trying to learn other methods?

No one asks you to drop out I Ching text entirely. The text has something that others can't compare. But King Wen Oracle can definitely help in your daily decision making.

So, I have answered a couple of layer questions to the querent. Clean and straight away to the point. All answerable in a single piece of a hexagram.

1st layer: Infected?

2nd layer: How safe?

3rd layer: heal or die?

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A.K Guru
A.K Guru
Mar 22, 2020

Thanks for showing up your interest in King Wen Oracle. King Wen Oracle is indeed a fabulous tool for daily decision making. Feel free to drop me email or messages if you have something not clear about the free lesson.


Congratulations and Thanks a lot for all your teachings about King Wen Oracle!!...I´m a novice and I feel fascinated for this system and how you explain it...I hope I can discover more and more secrets about King Wen Oracle from You in order to make casts from myself in my daylife and take the best decisions...Please Go on with Your teachings through this website and Your Youtube Channel...You have a new subscriber and a new student...Thanks so much for your help and time!!!

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