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Pre-school level WWG - How to cast for health question?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

This article is going to explain another WWG pre-schooler technique. We are now just started the year 2021. In this newly started year, we can cast to see how is our health or blessing going to be in this 2021. To perform this kind of question with WWG can be quite extreme. It can perform in a very complicated way, which of course, the casting results might be having some room to improve our destiny. On another side, it can also perform in a very simple way that it is only for fortune-telling purpose. For me, the simplified version is kind of like entertaining purpose. Because it is very unlikely that we can make any changes to the outcome if the result is not that ideal.

At the end of this reading, you can straightaway cast with the setting that I am going to provide. Feel free to post your hexagram to my Facebook group after your casting. So that you can understand more about how to decipher the hexagram. Without much ado. Let me show you how to do the setting for this kind of question.

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Now, let’s say you want to cast about your health? You can ask like this, how is my health going to be in this 2021? (Remember, do not toss the coins before you do a setting)

For setting, you can simply use this below setting.

1. Self-your self,

2. Self-line get restricted, clash and getting caged to any six-kins. It means your health is not that ideal.

3. When hexagram generated wasn't any of the above hexagram types, then it means your health conditions are stable.

Very easy, isn’t it?

Behind this setting, it involves a knowledge called "hexagram principle". It has very systematic laws to learn them. You can find that nearly all of my articles explained are base on the "hexagram principles" (with a very stable of regularity). With these "principles", we can always decipher similar but different kind of questions.

P/S: I Ching WWG always very easy. Do not assume that WWG is a complicated system.

So, now. you can either go with the traditional method (i.e, coins tossing) or simply using an express method, which call-out 3 groups of numbers (after whispering on the setting and the question). Then set-up the hexagram. And lastly, you are always welcome and encourage to post your hexagram into my Facebook WWG group. So that you get into more idea about what is WWG.

Check how to use the express casting method here

Please feel free to use our free WWG generator here.

Let's extend a little bit further from this question. Now, what if your health is not good? You want to know why it is not good, Am I right? What if you wanted to know what is the caused to your health? This is another layer of reading and it can be quite complicated. Anyway, we can still make it to fit for pre-school level.

Let me explain how to operate this now. Let say if you think that your health is because of Karmic. Then you again ask, is my health getting problem because of karmic. Your setting is still self-line as yourself. And using the same setting of hexagram type as above.

Let say if you got this hexagram.

We can see that offspring-line at line 4 is moving and it restricted to self-line. So it is obvious that it does affect your health because of karmic.

You can ask anything similar to this by adding/swapping the extension.

For example, is my health not being well because of someone cursing?

Or is my health not being well is because of having bad living habit?

Using all the same setting that I have provided to make a cast and see how it goes.

Have fun and enjoy WWG.

If you find this article has enlightened you something.

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It will let me write better articles and you will get more solid knowledge in the future.

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Although WWG is an extremely accurate prediction system, this setting is only pre-schooler level of WWG. If you finding the outcome is something negative after your casting. you might need to consult a doctor for further diagnosed. this pre-schooler WWG is only for entertaining purpose.

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Nicholas Kris
Nicholas Kris
Jan 05, 2021

I Still need a lot to learn


A.K Guru
A.K Guru
Jan 05, 2021

Of course it can. In I Ching, especially in Wen Wang Gua methodology. We always have a term called "There is a reason for every move". So, it must be able to interact. Or else, why move?


Nicholas Kris
Nicholas Kris
Jan 05, 2021

I speculate, 1) suppose if first line is moving just like the 4th line, can it interact into the self-line.? It is far away and two lines are moving. 2) suppose if first line and 4th are moving, would they interact each other before interact with self-line? I'm confused on this moving lines

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