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What if you never do the setting of hexagram prior you cast?

Updated: May 22, 2020

As I have started to share some case studies on my blog. Some readers started to understand the term "setting" for the hexagram. However, some readers still don't see the necessity of the "setting". This has actually happened to me before in my Chinese WWG community. "Setting" looks like a new term to the majority of the practitioners. This is because nearly 100% of the resources available to the public doesn't mention anything about the "setting". But not seen in the public doesn't mean that it is a new technique.

I have once revealed this top-secret on my YouTube channel. I make this concept as free of charge to you (with sincerely😎). But in order to really master this technique like a boss. Please allow me to keep it only for my fellow students. At least I believe this big concept (free of charge!) has already (or might be) enlightened you something that you will never think of in your whole life of WWG.

Let's keep this article short and I will explain more about setting on my other blog.

See this case example now. (hexagram case from the internet)

Cast for something about disputing, checking its auspiciousness.

Now, what is the so-called useful-spirit for this question?

Officer-line? Because it is a lawsuit? (But he never said has been officially filed in yet)

Parent-line? Because it is still under reconciliation that involves law documentation?

Self-line? Because we aren't sure about the exact useful-spirit for this question, so we use self-line?

Now you see from this hexagram

The question is: Dispute, checking its auspiciousness.

Setting: Not known

I can guarantee 99% of the beginner here or amateur here will be started to analyse this hexagram base on your own self method. (As usual, just like people read my article with their own mindset, not read from my perspective) As I said earlier, if you think you should focus on officer-line, then you will start to analyse from officer-line. Or you think that it is parent-line, then you will start from parent. But I guarantee your perspective will become different after many years. (If you still keep practising). For those who already stop practise, now when you come back for a reading, you will definitely still be finding it difficult to read. That is why you drop this method, most probably you will say that the accuracy rate not reliable enough.

Let' see how other's read this.

Self-line extinct on month branch, and entering into day grave. Day branch means current and grave means unable to make a decision. So, this line is actually implicating that the querent has lost his direction for now. Officer-line is holding bird. Therefore it must be a lawsuit regarding intellectual.

Object-line at line sixth. Line six means oversea. Therefore it is an oversea organisation. There are 2 officer-line, one of it appear on the line fifth. Therefore it is high court. It means this case will be dispute to the high court. Object-wealth generates to self-line. It means the opposite party will pay for this.

Looking good. Bravo!! 👏

But in the end, this is a case not even have any chances to file in. Without the understanding of the setting, it will be difficulties things to deciphering. That is why everybody is guessing. (In fact, to decipher a hexagram without setting, we need to learn what is the general setting. but accuracy still a problem...)

In real-life practical, the setting may become very complex. The case studies I am showing on my website is only showing some very simple setting. This is because I am writing an article that is accessible to everyone, including those that very beginner. That is why my setting may seem not necessary to you. There are actually still many to explain inside the case studies. Imagine I throw out some very complex case studies here. It will just scare off all the people that are enthusiasm with King Wen Oracle. So let's just save it until you come to the further level. 😎

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