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When will I receive the money - a time-respond technique (應期 ying-qi)

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

There is one case that posted at WWG forum. Basically, he asked when his wife could be getting the money.

(full article over here

P/S: this article does not criticise to any person. Please do not take it personally.

Now, let me paste with his question and WWG chart over here.

Question is: Will I take the payment and when?

Now, this has 2 layers of answers. One is, will I get it? and the second is, if yes, when?

This question is actually can be having a lot of improvement. Let see how we can make improvement from this kind of question.

First is, the useful-spirit (or we called it the matter-element) has not set. But it is still considered acceptable because this question is asking about money and asset-line would be the matter-element. It is pretty straight-forward. But now the problem still arises (when we never set the hexagram before tossing the coins)

Now, here's the problem. This question asked is "WILL I"...

So, May I ask?

Is this "I" talking about his wife? or he is casting on behalf of his wife? Should we use self-line or asset-line in this question? The question itself is not clear, it is like how ancient diviner do the questioning. This leaves a vague situation that is going to increase inaccuracy of outcome.

You can try to read yourself.

Reading this hexagram with self-line and asset-line will be having a different meaning.

and thus, creating a different outcome.

If you ask me. I can't really tell which line is representing his wife. If I am using general-setting method, it would be still the same. It can be either asset-line or self-line. So, general-setting doesn't work in this case. To make a proper setting, self-line should be representing his wife in this case. Regarding why we should use self-line instead of asset-line. I will explain in the future

(However, students should already understand the reasons for this setting method)

Next is, we need to read "will I take the money?"

How should we read this message from a hexagram?

In our school methodology, we have a technique called gain and lost. (level 2)

But since this questioner is not from my school and I have no idea who is he.

So, a hexagram that has no setting. What should we do?

Taking some guesses? Probably this is what many diviners are doing.

Don't take guess in hexagram reading, especially in WWG.

If I have to answer such question that without setting, I will need to use general-setting method. With general-setting reading. Basically, this asset-line is getting an auspicious image from the hexagram. This means that her wife will get the money. (please take note that using the auspicious divine method to ask something about gain or loss will having the possibility for not getting an accurate answer, reason will be explained in the future)

Now, since would be able to get the money. He wants to know when.

Here comes the topic that I wanted to discuss in this article.

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First of all, people will normally give the answers on what day in branches. In this posted thread. One person answered zi-day or chou-day. Now, let me ask you. Even if this zi-day or chou-day is accurate. Would this really impress you? Or is this really helpful to you?

Well, maybe you are already happy with this. Because this is something already accurate. But is this "accuracy" really helpful to your life?

Imagine a deathful incident is coming to you. But I only can tell you it will be happening in zi-day. or zi-month. (many diviners can't even differentiate how to read month of day or year that mentioned in a hexagram). At this time, should you always stay home whenever there is zi-day or zi-month?

That is why giving prediction without exact timing is also useless. Apocalypse is coming. Everybody can make this kind of prediction. But when exactly?

I know this kind of prediction is already precise compare to I Ching text method. At least we could be answering in what branches of day. But to be honest, it is still a vague answer in WWG application. Why vague? keep reading and I will tell you why.

You see, there are 2 zi-day and 2 chou-day in December 2020.

One falls on 11th & 12th, and another one fall on 23th and 24th of December.

So, tell me now.

Which zi-day or chou-day is the hexagram referring to?

You couldn't answer it.

Also, is this event MUST let it happen in December? Can it happen in January 2021? If it falls on January 2021, Zi-day and Chou-day will be appearing 3 times in the calendar month, which is 4th, 16th and 28th. How do you confirm it MUST happen in December?

So, among all these 5 days of zi-day? which are the correct zi-day?

If we are not sure how to differentiate which zi-day is the exact calendar day. Then even if we could read the hexagram accurately for this time. I can tell with responsible that we are still doing guess reading. I can guarantee that in the next similar hexagram, our reading will not be accurate anymore. Why? Simply because we don't know how to differentiate what is the exact zi-day mentioning in a hexagram?

Would you always win a guessing game? I don't think you could. That is why guessing and hit the jackpot for this time, would not guarantee that you will be able to read it accurately in the next hexagram. So, what happened when we not sure how to differentiate what is the exact zi-day? Read with intuition. Is WWG for intuition? Don't tell me yes. Read my previous blog to see why WWG is not for any intuition. Not even for 1% of intuition is allow. WWG is a logic analysis predictive system. You need to have the logic build before you throw the coins.

WWG can tell you exactly what is the date of zi-day. Is just the matter how we could master the technique.

Now, back to this hexagram.

This hexagram is getting feedback that the money arrives on chou-day.

Why chou-day?

The questioner is already answering one part of the answer. But that is not complete. Why not complete. Because this hexagram wasn't really telling an exact timing.

First of all, I can only do this hexagram reading with general-setting method.

The first line of this hexagram is asset-line turns into parent-zi-water. It is self-conjunction. According to general-setting method. The time-response of this is wu-day and wei-day. Because Wu-day and wei-day will clash away self-conjunction. This is the first answer of time-respond. Why the first answer? As I have already told you before. It has multiple answers in this hexagram.

The second answer is chou-day. This answer already explained by the questioner which is a legit explanation. (p/s: I said "legit explanation", I did not say "legit answer")

--------- this is his explanation ---------

1st Chou moving line is bounding with its changed Zi .. so yet unmoving ..!! .. but unable to Clash 6th line due to bounding with itself and unable to clash 6th line...

6th Wei moving line is bounding with day branch Wu .. so yet unmoving .. but starts moving when 6th line Wei is clashed by a coming Chou .. on this case 6th line will start it's progress and the money will be given on coming Chou branch .. !!

Again 6th Wei now moving can clash the 1st Chou Other line releases its bondage (Chou - Zi ) .

--------- this end his explanation ---------

The fourth answer is Xu-day. Because Xu is in advance.

So, we have Wu-Chou-Wei-Xu four answers. Which is the accurate answer?













The accurate answer is all the four answers. Why?

The reason is very simple. The future is yet to decide. There is still some uncertainty that will affect the outcome. Why on earth when we do divination, the answer MUST exist to be only ONE? People always argue about this. If you having this kind of mindset. Congratulation, it means you have been already successfully brainwashed by reading many books. Or someone might be doing "tao-gua". In reality, it doesn't have to exist a "MUST" answer. This is a super massive topic and I will not explain further from here. Keep follow my works, and "maybe" one day you will understand the reasons. or enrol to my course to understand them better.

So, the accurate answer for this hexagram is appeared to be having 4 answers.


That is the best answer gua-shen can provide at that moment.

If you are only able to explain one of them. It is either you are doing tao-gua or your skill is not enough to understand the whole situation of this hexagram.

But again,

which wu-day? which chou-day? which wei-day? or which xu-day the hexagram is actually mentioning?

Something for you to think about it...


Not every hexagram must exist with only one answer.

Time-respond reading must understand how to differentiate the exact date.

Some times, the answer can be multiple as uncertainty.


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Nicholas Kris
Nicholas Kris
Dec 27, 2020

Enlightening! I never know that wwwg can give more than one possible accurate answers..

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