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4 Case studies that show how ancient people prognosis a deadly virus with I Ching King Wen Oracle

In my last article, I wrote about predicting the coronavirus with King Wen Oracle system. I explained and showed how to predict with 3 real cases. And as expected, certain people doubt the functionality of prognostication by the King Wen Oracle. Also, there are some groups of people having an issue with the article. However, what absurd me is the people who think they have been in a decade or three decades of I-Ching knowledge, criticise my article that I am promoting something ridiculous and impossible. This criticism makes me speechless.

Well, my bad for this as I wrote this at the beginning of my last article.

“The reason I write this is to raise up your own awareness about the I Ching that you have been using since probably 30 years ago”

This sentence making someone jumps out and assumes that is a criticism or comment about them. Oh my... How defensive is this?

Please, whoever reads my articles or watch mine videos. I would like to make this very clear over here. Read with an open heart. I am not targeting anyone. please don't assume that I am talking about you. If you think I am, then probably you do not really feel confident about what you have been learning from the past. Or probably you think that yours is the best ever that you need to be the defence to them. Please mate, the shoes are not to be prepared for you. Don’t try to fit them into the wrong shoes and put the blame on me.

But what I really feel it’s a shame that I Ching has been in such a situation in the West for so long. They spend 30 years of time (trying to declare that they are very experienced). One-third of your life approaching I Ching. But still not yet discovered the presence of King Wen Oracle? In the Chinese's I Ching community, who had first approaching I Ching will definitely know something call Wen Wang Gua (King Wen Oracle) as well. So come on, is that the way you trying to invalidate me and convince others that you have seen so many things. It’s absolutely fine that someone who is practising ZhouYi for so many decades but yet to discovered Wen Wang Gua. I totally understand that there are so many things waiting for us to discover in this world. But I don't understand why on earth would anyone criticise to "that something" when "that something" is too powerful and seems so unbelievable? This is not the right attitude to learn new things.

However, I feel sorry to these certain people that have pushed away a chances to learn something might save them and changed their life. Who knows, one day you might need to predict something precise to save you and your family? Anyway, I think I need to produce more works about King Wen Oracle for the West. So that they don’t see this method as something shamming.

First of all, Wen Wang Gua is a mantic system that already more than 2000 years. This system has been developed into something quite mature since the Han dynasty. It is not a divination technique from the modern era. So, I plan to throw some case studies from the classic Wen Wang Gua. I want to show you how the Qing people use King Wen oracle to make a prediction for sickness and death.

Actually, I am struggling whether to extract some case studies from the classic into my article. The reason I am struggling is that many of the classic books are not really for the majority. I don't feel like promoting the classic King Wen books as I see many people taking everything from it so blindly and make it so much invalid into a wrong question. Especially those that not my students ask me something that is so irrelevant (for them, they definitely think that it is relevant). But seriously, many asking me a question with the wrong concept, which makes me not sure how can I answer to him. In addition that most of the question involves big theory behind to get explained. Moreover, explanation in big theory is so time-consuming and it needs proper resources to explain the whole idea. It just making myself looks silly when trying to explaining something to a non-student turn into a situation of trying to convince them. Why shall I need to convince you? Gain or loss, not my problem. So I refuse to explain further. But he thinks that I am not skilful enough to answer him. Can you imagine how you feel between laughter and tears?

However, according to the market needs. I understand that to bring in classic books is something inevitable if I really wanted to promote King Wen Oracle. As people tend to believe classic than modern knowledge, especially dealing with the "spiritual & mystical" thingy. So, I will take a couple of cases studies from one of the classics called "Wild Crane Cyclopedia" 《 野鶴全書》, a.k.a "Emendation of Yi" 《增刪卜易》. This is one of the greatest classics for King Wen Oracle. I will write or explain in my channel regarding what is this book about in the future.

As this is classic, so the original literary language from this book is also written in classical Chinese form. Frankly speaking, not every Chinese can understand well about classical Chinese literacy. So in case you know mandarin but don't understand about it. That is absolutely fine.

Since I decided to make classic Wen Wang Gua much accessible to the West. (although the logic in many cases seems unreasonable.) In order to minimise beginner blindspot when reading this book, I will make some annotations to a certain case where the logic is unreasonable. So that you could learn to think and analyse to them. As I don't really wish any serious learner fall into the learning trap.

Let's start about a few cases from this book.

In this “Emendation of Yi, Vol 7" - Under the section of "Disease, Poxviridae, Etiology"

Case 431.

A querent asks wild crane if his son is infected with smallpox as his son is having a symptom of fever. He gets Lake hexagram.

original text as:


Translate from the book:

In the general setting, When officer-line is prosperous, it means there is a smallpox infection. However, I don't see that is validated when I try with this setting. So I try to figure it out. And I observe from the prosperity of the offspring-line. If the child-line is prosperous, then you have no worries about the infection. This hexagram, the child-line is restricted by the month, the day, and the self-line. And it is also a clash-hexagram. Blossom fall before the flower gets blooming. It is something not auspicious. We shall try again tomorrow morning.


Watch my YouTube channel to learn what is prosperous of line means and what is clash-hexagram.

Case 432, same question on the next day (Shen Day)

original text as:


Translate from the book:

Parent-line is moving. However, it did get bounded. In addition, Officer-line has transformed into child-line. Your son needs to send to a brilliant doctor for treatment. They again asked, Where can I get the great doctor? I said, since ancient time, people employ offspring-line as the doctor. Today you have asked about your son sickness, I can't use this child-line as medicine anymore. We need to cast again for this.


  1. Apparently, useful-spirit for this question is the child-line. Parent-line on line four can't be control over to the transformed line of line 3, offspring-line. Why wild crane need to emphasis this in his manuscript? Also, Hai-Mao-Wei are 3 combos, what's wrong with the parent-line?

  2. Hai-Mao-Wei 3-combos into Mao-wood, it will clash to the officer-line (line 3). In the hexagram principle, it shall flush away the officer-line. But with the wild crane methodology, he only observing to child-line restricted to officer-line as a signal of removing anxiety. He seems like don't understand that sibling clash with officer-line is also a signal of removing the anxiety


Watch my YouTube channel to learn what is 3-combos and how to read line clash.

Case 433, a derivative question following from case 432

original text as: 巳火父動剋子,北方醫人可治,如言請之 Translate from the book:

Parent-line Si-fire is moving and restricted to offspring. Go to the North and your son will get heal. This is what according to you and the hexagram. annotation:

  1. The methodology from this case 433 indicates that wild crane uses the elements that able to remove dreadful element as the doctor. But he doesn't take "the existence" into consideration. In reality, is that possible that the doctor in the North doesn't exist? Wild crane only observed from the hexagram that the water-element for removing the fire-element.


In reality, we need to observe is that something surrounding us possible to appear. I see many modern readers including this Qing man explain the hexagram without taking reality into consideration.

Case 434, They cast again on Geng Zi day as smallpox seems to have some changes.