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Updated: May 22, 2020

Outline for learning divination, Vol II.

(translated by A.Kee)

Wild Crane said: Oh I Ching! It knows about the drought from heaven. It knows about the harvest on earth. It knows about the rise and fall of fate. It knows about the deathliness from an illness. It knows about success or failure to the achievements. It knows about wealthy and impoverished. It knows when shall avoid an inauspiciousness. In the between heaven and earth. It was a shame if not knowing the Yi?

Anyone who wanted to learn divination. you have to study the "混天甲子六親歌" - hùn tiān jiǎ zǐ liù qīn gē (hexagram installation rhyme). After getting the hexagram. You need to understand how to install the element and six-kins. And learn about moving and transformation. If there is moving in the hexagram. The moving will definitely mean a changed. You will then understand the transformation. And you will need to look at the useful-spirit, source-spirit, dreadful-spirit. If you understand the law. You are enough to get the entry ticket into the lobby of ZhouYi. Then you will need to look at the 4 seasons prosperity chapter; five-elements cycle chapter, five-elements clashing and conjunction chapter; dekad void and month break, the 4 phases of growth chapter. You will then again walk deeper into the hall of ZhouYi. After this, once you read all the volume and all the chapters and it's classification. As when we cast for a matter. What method shall we analyse on it? we will slowly be going to deeper side from the surface. You will eventually get to the mysterious part. Now, I am going to dotted one hexagram (點卦 diǎn guà). and teach you what is the useful-spirit and the elemental cycle and its principle.


- I will explain in another article what is actually inside the "混天甲子六親歌" - hùn tiān jiǎ zǐ liù qīn gē (hexagram installation rhyme).

- 點卦 diǎn guà - dotted hexagram; It is a term used in the Chinese community as when we draw the hexagram, we don't normally draw the straight line or a straight broken line. We actually draw it with dots. I have already show and explain on my YouTube channel. WATCH HERE TO LEARN MORE →

For any who asks for questions. First write down the year, month, and day. Then follow to the Six-gods (six-guardians) chapter to get all the six-gods. For instance, if get the "Qian Heaven" Hexagram as below:

For those who ask the auspiciousness for ownself. The useful-spirit will be the self-line. In this hexagram, self-line advent to Xu-Earth. The Xu-Earth here will then representing as you, your own self. It will be appropriate to stay in prosperous and appearance. It will be worrying if it is rest and cage. It will be noble whenever Si-Fire and Wu-Fire is advent for generating. It needs to avoid Yin-wood and Mao-wood as will be getting hurt from the restriction. It also will be not appropriate if self-line is empty. Especially bad when advent on month break. The Xu-Earth on the self-line here has all the generating and restriction, clash and association from it's surrounding.

Month branch able to generates, restriction, clash, and combine.


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