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I Ching on Travelling with King Wen Oracle #001

Case Study 001: Travelling safety

Question: How is my holiday in Bondi Beach?

Setting: Self-Mr A; Object-Bondi Beach; Moving as the condition of the journey


1. Static hexagram

➡️ Everything is safe and sound, nothing going to get hurt. Good to go.

2. Object-line Zi-water is very weak (-8°) and it is restricted by both month and day branch. Furthermore, this is clash-hexagram.

➡️ The holiday seems to have something anxious will be happening. This anxious event has something to do with water. (Bondi beach is a water place, you see it as coincident? or the hexagram is indeed very precise?)

3. Self-serpent

➡️ This trip will make the querent himself feel uneasy. Holiday mood will become bad.

As it is not a life-threatening journey. Mr A decided to continue this trip although something uneasy seems going to happen. When the arrival at the beach area. Right before Mr A started to go for surfing. He heard the ambulance and realise there is someone get drown. After the emergency rescue, he heard from others' surfers saying that the drowned person has died. Now, this is the clash-hexagram means.

how miraculous is the King Wen Oracle, isn't?

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